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NOD Gesture Control Ring around the Finger for Touchless Interaction



Nod Ring Sizes

Gesture Control devices are fast becoming a favourite of users after the Wii and other gaming consoles which made camera based Motion controlled gaming a hit among kids and elders as well. So here we are showcasing a Ring, which works on Gesture Control produced by NOD.

This Bluetooth powered Gesture Control ring is already being touted the next big hit in its segment owing to the backup which it has from companies like Menlo Ventures, and Sequoia Capital who have backed many big projects in their development stage. Nod Gesture control ring is in its prototype stage and the features, and specifications make it seem to be similar to another device that were released earlier like the FIN and RING which also used to control connected devices using Bluetooth.


With NOD Bluetooth powered gesture control ring you can connect to various devices like Smartphones, Smart TV, Laptops and also devices like Nest Thermostat, which will let you use all these devices using your finger and gestures.


Nod Gesture Control Ring

NOD Gesture controlled ring comes has the overall design as a Ring no wonders there, but the top of the Ring is an elevated rectangular platform, which has a touch panel installed. And also comes with two clickable buttons on either side to help control the connected devices manually as well. The buttons are placed in such a manner that you can easily control with just one hand.

The Ring is made up of Jewellery grade Stainless Steel on the inside and a Transmission friendly plastic outer casing with a sleek and neat design to it. The Ring comes fitting all types and sizes of fingers in tweleve different colors. As of now the Ring is available only in Black colour.


The NOD gesture control Ring is available in black colour and a very simple neat design along with being Waterproof (up to 5 ATM). The device is equipped with two Cortex M3 processors and a nine-axis accelerometer which is a a technology feat looking at a small size and sleep design of the device.

The Charger has a Cradle type design which also works as a Ring Holder. The battery life of the device is close to one day of usage. With all these Specifications doubled with the fact that NOD has opened up its API to Third Party developers, this gadget looks promising and surely will get more noticed than the other devices like Fin and Ring.

How does it work

NOD Gesture control ring works with almost all of your smart devices like Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, Go Pro cameras and much another stuff. It lets you control your TV and search for movies on Netflix and play the movie and also fast forward, rewind, control the volume and all other stuff using just your Ring. The company has said that you can take it up to 32K DPI, which means that you can play games, etc. with ease using this ring.

You need to connect your Nod Ring to your devices that you want to be it your TV, smartphone; Google Glass or any other device using Bluetooth and you are ready to go. By using the Side buttons and the Gestures, you can control a variety of functions easily with a swipe of your finger. You can even play games like Fruit Ninja and also First Person Shooter games because of the high DPI available on the device. The device also has a swipe input to compliment the 3D spatial gestures.

Nod Ring

NOD says that it uses Micro-Gestures to help understand, and use the highly sensitive Sensors which are built into the tiny device which allow you to control any device using just two fingers and Gestures, Swipes, Rotations and Brushes.

“We came together with the idea of trying to solve something that we think could be the next computing revolution around input,” explained Nod Labs CEO and founder Anush Elangovan in an interview. “We took a step back and looked at how we’ve progressed from plug panels and dip switches to the mouse in the PC era, and then touch in the mobile era, and we were like ‘what’s next?’ Speech has always been one part of it, but speech doesn’t work in a crowded room, for example, so the next obvious one is gestures.”

Pricing and Release date

NOD Gesture control Bluetooth Ring is available for pre-order at $149, and the device will be shipped to you only after its release in 2014 fall. We feel that this is a great device, and the pricing is also properly set to help customers get the best deal for the features at offer.


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