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New Patent Reveals That The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 May Have A Breathalyzer



Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumors have confirmed pretty much everything about the smartphone, it seems to be just the right time to start talking about the next Note phablet. Although the name is not officially confirmed yet, we would like to call it the Note 9. And we do have new reports which talk about a patent filed by Samsung.

This new patent application reveals that the company is planning on fitting the next Note phablet with a breathalyzer. Well, does that sounds way too ambitious? Samsung doesn’t think so. According to the new patent, the breathalyzer will be built right into the S Pen. The image, in fact, shows a really good representation of the same.

Apparently, the S Pen will be bendable and it will house the breathalyzer. Also, the bendable S Pen will also house a microphone. So essentially, whenever the S Pen will be used as a breathalyzer/ microphone, a small part of it will come out and it will be bent and it looks like it can bend upto 90-degrees. It looks like that small portion will have a gas sensor inside it will also come with an exhalation sensing function.

The microphone inside it will work with the breathalyzer ton detect the alcohol levels while you talk over the phone with someone. This way, users won’t have to worry about separately get your alcohol levels checked. So, with this, whenever you will be engaged in a phone call, you can get your alcohol level checked and be sure if you are ready to drive or take a cab back home safely.

Do make a note that this is just a patent right now, and it could be a while until Samsung actually manages to implement this as a working model. Hence, if the Galaxy Note 9 rumors won’t talk about this, then do be surprised since it could be a while until the company gets this working. Meanwhile, be sure to let us know if this is something you want in your smartphone. Do you think it is really necessary to have a breathalyzer in your smartphone? Let us know.

Source – Patentlyapple


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