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New Battery-Free CellPhone works with Power from Ambient Radio Signals and Light



One of the main constraints in a smartphone in today’s date is the battery life. With devices packing more and more technology inside them, the batteries are getting smaller which in turn is reducing the overall time for which you can use your smartphone. However, what if you get a smartphone which does not need any battery to be used? Well, yes that is possible and in fact, it is safe to say that scientists in the U.S. have made it possible.

With the help of this new innovation, researchers have developed a working battery-free cell phone which does not rely on a battery keep itself powered. It instead drives power that it needs, from ambient radio signals and light. Apparently, it was not all that easy to design this, and the researchers, Shyam Gollakota from the University of Washington, said that they had to completely rethink the way a smartphone is designed.

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One of the basic tasks of a smartphone, which happens to be making voice calls, apparently requires a considerable amount of energy. We are talking about consumption close to 800 milliwatts. This is because of all the conversion of the signals that need to be done on-spot. And in order to manufacture a battery free phone, the scientists had to do away with this particular conversion. So how does that affects? Well, it does not affect anything since the battery free phone keeps everything analog. It registers tiny vibrations from its microphone during a call and it uses a technique called backscatter to transmit the signals to a nearby base station.

Well, as you might have guessed by now, this is certainly not an optimum condition. Due to this, the users have to be in a relatively close proximity to these base stations, for it to be able to work. However, considering the fact that it is still in early stages of development, it is highly possible that it will be updated. But don’t expect your modern day smartphones to work without a battery anytime soon since it has a lot of components like display, battery, etc. and it needs a lot of power to keep them on. Having said that, this certainly sounds like an interesting innovation. We would like to know your thoughts on this. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

Via – Science Alert


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