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NeuroOn – A Wearable Sleep Mask for Better & Efficient Sleep



NeuroOn Sleep Mask

There are enough things that you want to do in a day, but a recommended sleep of at least 6 hours is getting in between your goals, or eventually you may be sleeping more than that. There are plenty of apps that can monitor your sleep patterns, and tells you when you should sleep, so that you wake right in time. But this wearable product is taking somewhat a different approach to improve your productivity.

NeuroOn Sleep Mask

NeuroOn a wearable sleep mask is a product for you, as it optimizes your sleeping times (whether the sleep is monophasic, biphasic, or polyphasic) and durations in order to use the time available most effectively. It uses a smart wakeups technology designed to minimize the sleep inertia, which means you will able to get less amount of sleep, but will wake up as fresh as if you had an 8 hours of sleep. All this is done in the most natural way as the device creates a setting of artificial dawn thanks to its light therapy technology.

Inteliclinic, the San Francisco-based company behind this product, has already been praised and successfully raised funding by the Kickstarter backers, as well as the company was the winner of LeWeb Paris 2013 startup competition.

The wearable tech uses an EEG, EOG, and EMG sensors; it uses brainwaves, eye movements, as well as muscle tension information to provide hyper-accurate data. And compared to a wristband device, which measures the whole body movements in the general way. After a week of sleep data, NeuroOn can calculate a better sleep schedule to improve the user’s sleep quality.

Of course, there would be a companion (iOS and Android) to access those sleep schedule as well as it will be able to do dozens of more things to help you sleep better within the less interval of time. Such as advanced sleep analytics, heart monitoring, intelligent alarm clock, jet lag, and alertness management, all with medical-grade accuracy. Company is taking pre-order of the device at a price tag of $299 and is claiming to ship the smart mask on January next year.

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