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BodyEcho Sleep Tracking Device Reports Advanced Statistics while you Sleep



BodyEcho Advanced Sleep Monitor

There are so many smartbands and wearables that have come with the abilities to track sleeping patterns. As well as there are devices that are wireless and sit next to the bed watching how you sleep. We have seen that these wearables and device sitting next to your bed are not quite good in identifying the relevant data metrics that would help you regulate your sleep and make the most out of it.

While waiting for this technology to perfect, OxiRate, has perfect for you. There new wearable dubbed as BodyEcho, aims to provide advanced stats relevant to your sleep and will eventually help you get good night sleep. The company is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help bring this product to the market.

BodyEcho Advanced Sleep Monitor

The wearable can be worn as a headband as it will allow users to keep track of their sleeping patterns. With its advanced sensors technology, it can give you clear insights into the sleep stages like, light, deep, and REM. As well as it allows you to understand the unconscious disturbances in your sleep, sleeping position, interruption in breathing, change in blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), tossing, turning, snoring and your BPM ticker.

Company aims to transforms the lives of people who are ready to take control of their sleep. Hyper achievers, parents, grandparents or, even plugged-in teenagers can benefit out of this sleep tracking device.

It’s pretty easy to use this device as you have to put it on as a headband, and set the mode to Sleep on the companion app installed on your smartphone, then, just sleep. And when you wake up, the device will have your sleep analysis waiting for you, which again can be accessed via the proprietary app.

The BodyEcho relies on a small sensor that’s placed on the forehead and it’s held securely by a headband. By using all the data gathered during your sleep, the app should be able to provide you suggestions on when and for how long you need to sleep for optimal rest. Activate an alarm to wake you at the best time so as to not drag you out of deep sleep. And help correlate lifestyle choices to poor sleep to find out what’s keeping you awake.

And of course, the SDK has been made available to the developer’s community, which will allow them to develop apps for this wearable, making use of all its sensors. With this platform being open for developers, we may see apps or even games based on BodyEcho, using the data gather by the device to create useful apps. For example, Lucid dreaming, polyphasic sleep, as well as neural gaming.

Currently, the only other popular sleeping gadget that has come into the light is the NeuroOn, which also lets you optimize the sleep like monophasic, biphasic as well as polyphasic. The early birds discount for BodyEcho will cost you $85 and company claims to ship the device to backers next year in February.

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