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MyKronoz launches ZeFit3, ZeFit3HR, ZeCircle2 and ZeWatch4 with Mastercard contactless Payments



IFA 2016 is underway and looking at the announcements, you can see that a ton of new wearable devices has launched. On the same lines, we have a series of new wearable from a brand called MyKronoz. MyKronoz is a well known Swiss smartwatch brand and now they have launched a series of new smartwatches. The new models include ZeFit3, ZeFit3HR, ZeCircle2, and ZeWatch4. So let’s take a close look at each one of them.

ZeFit3 wearable is an activity tracker that provides smart notifications. It features a colored touchscreen which displays activity data and notifications. The device can also be controlled to take selfies and even play music on the go. It is water-resistant and comes with IP67 certification and also comes with a removable wristband. This device is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones as well. the ZeFit3 is priced at 39.90 Euros.

Zefit wearable watch

ZeFit 3 HR as the name suggests comes with not only an activity tracker but it also has sleep tracker and heart rate sensor. All the specs and features set are similar to ZeFit3 we saw earlier. This device is priced at 59.90 Euros.

Next one is the ZeCircle 2. This one is different than others as it has a circular display. But other than that it also has a contactless payment function. It helps users to make payment wherever possible using the built-in NFC. It also features a coloured touchscreen display that shows similar data like activity, notifications, etc. And just like the other two devices, this one also comes with the IP67 certification.

And the last one in the list is the new ZeWatch 4. So just like the other ones, this one also shows you live activity data and smartphone notifications. But it has a built-in microphone & speaker to make calls and use voice commands. Apart from that it also has a removable wristband with integrated with USB. This one also has an NFC contactless payment feature, which can be used for transactions. This is the most expensive one in the list and it will cost you 79.90 Euros.


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