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Motorola Moto Mods Pricing Leaked for Projector, JBL SoundBoost & Power Pack



moto z force

Motorola last week at an event in SFO had announced the Moto Z Smartphones series that came with a few modules as accessories you could easily attach or detach with a click. The interesting modules or Mods that Motorola by Lenovo calls were showcased but the pricing was the bigger question. Today looks like by mistake the prices were shown on the Verizon’s app & this is not yet confirmed but certainly gives us a hint on the same. You cannot find these on the official Verizon’s website & this is more of a speculation & cannot be expected to be the confirmed pricing.

To get started one of the most important mod was the Insta-Share Projector that helps you instantly attach a projector to your phone & use it to beam your phone’s screen on any wall. We were pretty much impressed with what was shown at the event, but the disappointment comes now since the pricing leaked hints at $299. A price that’s truly way higher than what was expected because we have already seen a few Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Beam & Spice Popcorn that came with similar projectors but inbuilt with pricing below $200. Do make a note that those phones were complete devices & not just an external accessory that pairs with only the Motorola Moto Z devices.

Verizon Moto Z Mods Pricing

The other pricing is known for the JBL Soundboost accessory that snaps onto the 5.5″ smartphone & probably costs $79.99. Considering this price it does look something that’s worth the money, especially for someone who wants to enjoy the music in outdoors. The charging shells we had seen were from Tumi & Kate Spade that were listed at $69.99, clearly a little on the higher side since the batteries don’t cost much these days, especially if you take a look at the Quick Charge 3.0 Powerbanks. At the currently listed pricing, it does not look like a good deal since the phone isn’t modular as presumed by many & is just coming with modular accessories. We are looking forward to the real modular smartphones from the Project Ara that should be not just affordable but also would come with individual modules that anyone could easy hot swap unlike the LG G5 that needs to be restarted every time you need to add their accessories.


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