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LG Launches LG 360 CAM, LG 360 VR, LG CAM Plus Accessories for G5 in India



LG G5 Friends Accessories

Update: Along with the G5, the flagship handset, LG has launched the accessories for their latest handset, which they are touting as the LG G5 Friend. Because of the G5’s modular design you can attach different modules. The brand has launched the accessories like CAM Plus, Hi-Fi Plus, 360 Camera and 360 VR.

Below is the pricing of LG G5 Friends:

  • LG CAM Plus – Rs 6500
  • LG 360 CAM – Rs 2140
  • LG 360 VR – Rs 21990

Earlier, Feb 21, 2016: The all new LG G5 is here that comes with better hardware compared to the amazing LG G4 that was launched last year. This year they didn’t just launch the G5 but also a series of accessories that are dubbed as Friends. These can be added to the G5 through the removable battery under their new Modular Design. Let us get into all the LG Friend series that they have launched today.

LG has taken their invitation of “Play” pretty seriously by announcing a serious of products to play with the G5. Let’s get started on all these products that were introduced by LG today at the Mobile World Congress.

LG Cam Plus

Looking for a quick power bank that helps you keep connected while you capture photos or videos? The Cam Plus is here that offers you not just with an additional 1200 mAh of battery, but also gives you more controls to your Camera. By default, the phone comes with just 2800 mAh of battery capacity but after attaching this friend, you can bump it to a total of 4000 mAh. It not only gives you a better grip like a DSLR but also comes with an analogue zoom dial and a dedicated shutter button along with a video button.

LG Cam Plus G5 Accessory

LG 360 Cam

This is a 360 Degree Camera that’s not the first technology in the world, since we have already reviewed the Ricoh’s Theta camera earlier but this sync’s easily with the G5 offering you an amazing 360-degree photo. The design obviously looks very close to the Ricoh’s camera as showcased in the below photos.

The camera is powered with a 16MP back to back dual camera’s that capture photos that are later stitched to give you a perfect 360-degree shot. In terms of the video, it comes with a 2K video recording along with a 5.1 surround sound audio recorded through the three microphones. You also get an option to upload these Images directly to Google Maps Street View and YouTube that can be watched by others. The Google Maps Street View feature would be one of the best features that someone could use with this camera.

LG Rolling Bot

You now have a Pet & Kids monitoring Camera that helps you in Home Monitoring through Wi-Fi that also allows you to send voice. This is on the Lines of the BB Sphere Camera giving you some fun time at home and also looking back when you are not at home. The device has a ball shaped design that allows you to offer it to a pet or an infant for playing allowing you to also record some candid moments.

LG Rolling Bot G5 Accessory

LG Smart Controller

This is a product that has been launched with a collaboration with Parrot giving you easy control over Drones. This helps in piloting a drone very easily offering them to easily manage them, stabilise it and also giving them an option to try in different dimensions. You can just pickup a Parrot Drone along with the Smart Controller and start recording videos all of which controlled with this G5’s accessory.

LG 360 VR Headset

The 360 VR is obviously on the lines of the Samsung VR Kit but with the friends manager you can easily pair it with your Phone. The design is much more smaller and obviously would feel like the Google cardboard, but again its a wired pairing with the LG G5. There’s no pricing information and an Important point to make a note is that you will have to connect this with the USB TYPE-C on the bottom of the G5.

LG Friends Manager

With the Simple and convenient feature of just 3 steps on your G5, you can easily control and Pair all the above-mentioned accessories without the need to setup any settings. These are created to offer you easy of use allowing you to forget the setup manuals.

LG Friends Manager


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