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Motorola Announced Smart Bluetooth Headset called Moto Hint – Details



Moto Hint

Motorola has been in the limelight since couple of months for its amazingly beautiful Moto 360 smartwatch powered by the Android Wear operating system. Though, it was not the only wearable that company announced, well technically it is an earable, dubbed as Moto Hint.

The new Motorola device is a Bluetooth that allows you to control your smartphone via voice control. It is a tiny piece of hardware that will perfectly fit inside your ear, as it is about the size of a quarter and supposed to disappear into your ear. But with its stylish natural materials and hues it is hard not to notice when anyone is wearing it. It exactly comes in six different colors/hues or materials, so that, you can match it with your style.

Moto Hint

The incredible thing is that, it turns on automatically whenever you put it into your ear. And it will turn off as soon as you put it into the charging case. Oh yeah! It is accompanied by its own charging case as it allows a longer rated talk time of up to 10 hours, while usually it can give 3.3 hours of talk time and it has a standby time of up to 100 hours.

It is known that Bluetooth headsets are boring as their era was kind of ending, until now. The newly announced wearable will change how you look at an Bluetooth enabled earpiece as it is incredibly smart. The device isn’t just allow you to talk to it, but it also talks back, as it will automatically sync with your phone. It even has ability to provide you voice notifications, weather details and so much more. It would be the first earpiece that you might like to wear rather than the dumb Bluetooth headsets.

The Moto Hint can be paired with the new Moto X, as you will be able to access all the phone’s voice-powered goodies, but it will also work with other Droid phones, last generation Moto X and Moto G, or any Android powered device running, though, some smart features like Moto Voice control will be limited to the Moto X and some Droid phones running on Android 4.4.3 or above. It will go on sale later this fall for the price tag of $149.99, bundled with the charging case and will come in six different colors.


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