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Add Style to Fitbit with Tory Burch Accessories – Bracelet & Necklace



FitBit Metal Hinged Bracelet

If you were wondering how you can turn your simple looking FitBit Flex tracker into a super-chic accessory? Then, we have something to share with you. The popular fashion designer, Tory Burch has teamed up with the FitBit team to develop accessories for FitBit Flex wristband. Originally announced in February this year, the Tory Burch’s collection for FitBit Flex is now available to purchase.

FitBit Metal Hinged Bracelet Wristbands market is on the rise these days as many organizations are coming up the wristbands and various kind of tracking devices, yet most of those devices lack in the looks department. For some it might not be the issue as the purpose of these devices is to track your daily activities and gives analysis of your health accordingly. Though, if you are wearing these devices on a daily basis, then it makes logical sense that you would want it to look attractive enough.

FitBit Flex is an activity tracking wristband that analyzes your sleep patterns as well as tracks your movements over the day. You can also set goals of how many steps you want to take in a day, and then the wristband will vibrate when you’ve reached your goal, which you can check on its 5 LED lights display. In short, you can track steps taken, distance traveled, active sleep time, and calories burned. This wearable device is easily synchronized wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0, which consumes less battery than 3.0 version. It supports all the popular Android and iOS devices and all the data can be accessed via their respective apps.

The Tory Burch and FitBit have come up with the solution for those consumers in the form of accessories for FitBit Flex. This collection of accessories will transform your fitness tracker into a stylish piece of jewelry, which includes a $195 brass bracelet, a $175 pendant necklace with long chain that can be wore as a piece of jewelry, or you can purchase the custom silicone printed wristbands for $38. There are two options for bracelets, i.e. a metal hinged and silicon printed while there is only one option for Necklace.

FitBIt Fret Pendant Necklace Silicone Printed Bracelet - Tory Navy Multi Silicone Printed Bracelet - Fuchsia Multi

These collections of Tory Burch accessories for FitBit users are available to purchase via FitBit and Tory Burch’s websites as well as at the Tory Burch Galleria stores. All accessories are sold separately and will work with FitBit Flex trackers.

Check out the listings here.


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