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Microsoft Band Second Generation with Curved OLED Display Announced at $249



Microsoft announced new iteration to much-awaited fitness band, the Microsoft Band Second Generation. The new wearable is up for pre-order starting today at $249. Following up on their fitness band the Redmond giant has finally launched a wearable device that might give a tough competition in the market.

The wearable was announced at the Microsoft’s Window devices event. Lindsey Matese, from the Microsoft Band team showcased the product. It is still aptly called as Microsoft Band. Sporting OLED display with the protection of the Gorilla Glass 3 the next generation fitness band from company has a curved display.

With Microsoft Band, there are no limits to what you can do. This new band seems to have a nice interface? The Microsoft Band has totally optimized to perform analysis of your training.

It features laden of sensors such as GPS, UV Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, Calories Tracking, Smart Notifications. A new way to track elevation, as a company, have added an 11th sensor, a barometer, Great for hiking, biking, or just climbing stairs.

There is an updated Microsoft Health app, with all the data from the Band it can give you detailed insights to your health data. The new band would be able to measure your max VO2 count, it is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use.

Microsoft Band - Exercise Tracking

Interestingly, the fitness band is more than your fitness companion, as it can also track and log your Golf playing moments. Microsoft Band knows if you’re putting, doing practice swings, or just smashing it down the fairway. The new Microsoft Band is the only wearable device that offers this functionality across iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Additionally, it can track your golf score, too.

Microsoft also announced new partnerships on stage. The List of partners including Uber, Runkeeper, Myfitnesspal, Subway, Twitter, Starbucks and many more. Data from these partnered apps would be analyzed and shared with you.

Company didn’t reveal the battery life of their band, as for the Microsoft band from last year, the battery life wasn’t any good at all in comparison to other fitness trackers out there in market.

This time you get more from your fitness band, as the company has integrated their popular personal assistant, the Cortana. Now perform the voice enabled operations on your fitness band just like any Smartwatch. It Looks-like company is trying to bridge the gap between fitness bands and Smartwatches. Well only time would tell if this smart band is anything that enthusiasts are interested in or not.


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