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Meizu wins mBack Patent for Multi Tasking Home Button after Fighting for Four Years



We see technology companies struggle for patents over the copyrights of the innovative technologies they say they have created. Whatever may be the final verdict, in such cases there is always one victim and one culprit. If you didn’t know, stealing patented technologies is a criminal offence under IP (Intellectual Property) Act.

There is one such patent case that has been going on China’s Court of Justice. The case has finally seen the verdict, which has been going on for about four years now. Meizu has won back its patent to use the mBack term referring to the multi-tasking home button present on the bottom front of the device. The physical and touch sensitive button offers various kinds of operations for navigating on the device.

People familiar with Meizu might be aware of some of these terminologies such as mTouch for fingerprint identification, SmartBar ToolBar and mCharge for fast charging. mBack is one such feature that company patented quite a time back. Though, the mBack patent came back to haunt company, which is why the company had to fight back.

The verdict was made official by State Intellectual Property Office, as they released a statement where it comes in the light that mBack patented was granted to Meizu on June 28, 2012. It was invented by Huang Zhang, the CEO of Meizu. The patent number is 2012800726455, and it is indeed classified under invention patents. Additionally, there is a description of the mBack feature, as in what it performs.

The mBack feature offers four operations, which makes navigation faster and more efficient on the Meizu smartphone. It works as a fingerprint identifier to under the device. All you got to do is just hold the finger on the home button and in a couple of seconds, the device will get unlocked. You can tap the home button to go to the previous page. Or you can press the button to get directly to the home button. If you do a long press, the device will get locked.


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