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Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch Hands-on, Pricing & Photos



Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch Strap

Echo is the sports watch that can utilize the Smartphone fitness app completely without any wires (Wirelessly) onto your wrist. The watch can control the connected apps with real-time sports data streaming directly from your Smartphone to the display of the watch. So, that you can easily track all the data without having to take your phone out ever time and track your data.

What I liked about this smart running watch when it was showcased at the MWC 2014 at the Show Stoppers event, was the way I could easily wear it comfortably on the wrist. Unlike, the smartwatches from other brands which are sometimes accompanied with hard straps, and are made especially for the features and not the look.

Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch

By using Bluetooth Smart, you can wirelessly connect with Smartphone making the Echo an easily usable gadget that simultaneously displays sports data and other notifications and achievements that would be displayed on the smart phones. This device shows all the details like elapsed time distance and other metrics at a glance. Moreover this device also gives you the control on your smart phone functions like the start, stop or lap on the application. You can also go to the next song or previous song on your playlist or even start or stop the playback.

Echo is the first ever smart watch mainly designed for sports that is water resistant and also has a rugged design, and it can also withstand adverse condition. It is a special feature because you can use it as a normal watch under all condition and need not get worry about its damage while you take a shower or even taking a walk in the rain.

Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch Colors

This device can be used as a simple watch while you are not running, biking or exercising making it an everyday watch. Echo doesn’t need any type of charging because it has a rechargeable battery on its back making it always ready to go option. It also uses ultra low power components to last longer. This device is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S and support for Android Smartphones will be coming soon.

Coming to the display of Echo, it has a 1 inch high resolution display for giving better readability in different light conditions. You can turn invert background and characters from Black to Grey as you prefer. This device weighs 4 grams and dimensions are at 46mm x 49mm x 13mm. For now the device is compatible with apps like Strava, MapMyRun Wahoo Fitness and iSmooth.

Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch App Sync

Echo has customizable displays and will be coming in Black, Blue and Orange colour variants and is priced at $149.99. Buy the different colors of the smartwatch from the links below:

  • Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch (Black)
  • Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch (Blue)
  • Magellan Echo Smart Running Watch (Orange)

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