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LG and Audi Joined Hands for WebOS Powered Smartwatch at CES 2015



LG WebOS Watch

When Audi first unlocked its Automobile via a smartwatch, the eyes of the people were not only on the truly stunning Audi, but had on the presenter who opened up the car via a Smartwatch. And when closely looked, it was found out that the watch is developed in partnership with LG and Audi.

LG WebOS Watch

Though, that was not it, the LG was rumored to be working on a WebOS powered smartwatch and that time we hoped that LG might unveil its WebOS based smartwatch at CES in 2015.

Now here at the CES, even though we didn’t saw the official announcement of LG’s new smartwatch, we did get a closer look at what is coming up in few months or maybe next year.

The LG WebOS Watch was loaded with apps, while it was integrating features for Audi, the device do have a cellular connection, which means there is an SIM slot on the device.

The device strikingly looks similar to the LG G Watch R, which was announced during IFA week last year. There’s a dialer, messages app, music, calendar, email, and LG Health W. While Audi app allows you to control various parts of paired vehicle, including unlocking over NFC.

The other apps on the WebOS Watch included voice memo, Q voice, Remote shutter and Find My Phone app, as well as some Korean carrier bundled apps (that also confirms the SIM slot availability).

The baseband version also points to possible internals — Qualcomm’s MSM8626, aka Snapdragon 400, a chip used in many other smartwatches. We don’t know yet whether a consumer version of LG WebOS based will be available anytime, but the WSJ reports that the watch is scheduled to go on sale for early 2016. That means we may see the public launch of the LG’s WebOS Smartwatch nest year in CES.

Source: Android Central


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