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LeTV Le Max is the new device from another Chinese company called as Leshi Internet Information and Technology. This is one of the largest online videos companies from Beijing that was founded in 2004 and also known for making internet linked electric cars. The company has launched four smartphones under this brand called as Le 1, Le 1 pro, Le Max and Le 1S. This device comes with a 6.3 inch touchscreen display with a pixel density of 464 PPI.

Below are the tips and tricks of LeTV Le Max that will be helpful when you are buying the device.

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How to insert SIM on the device?

To insert SIM on the device, the user has to insert an SIM ejector PIN in the slot provided, and a tray will pop out. Now, place the SIM accordingly and push back the tray back to its position. You need to reboot the device to start using the SIM for making calls and messages. The SIM slots are provided to the side of the device.

How to share your Data network via hotspot on the device?

Mobile data can be shared with anyone via Tethering or Hotspot option that is available on the device. To turn-on this feature, the user needs to go to the general settings of the device. Now tap on the more option and select the option Personal Hotspot to get all its accesses. An eight digit password has to be generated, and a maximum of eight devices can be connected to it. You can limit the access of the data connection by going to Connect Users option. There is also an option of sharing the data through USB tethering and Bluetooth tethering and connect accordingly.

How to take a Screenshot on my LeTV Le Max?

To take a screenshot on Le Max, you need to press the power button along with the volume down button to capture the screenshot on the device, and this screenshot will be saved in the file manager app or in the gallery that can be viewed later and can also be shared.

How to check for the Android Updates on the device?

To check for updates on Le Max, open the settings of the device and tap on the option System update. Here you can see if there is any update available. The update has to be downloaded and should be installed. Android Updates are useful in fixing the bugs on the device and will improve the performance of the device.

Will the device get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update?

The company has not given any word on the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update on the Le Max but is likely to get it very soon. The device currently runs Android 5.02 Lollipop based on EUI version 5.0

How much is the internal storage on Le Max?

Out of the high 128 GB of storage provided to the device, 107 GB is available for the user to store all the required data and the rest is occupied by the system OS and the other pre-installed applications on the device.

How much battery is available on the device?

The device comes with a 3400 mAh Li-Po battery that is not removable, and this is an excellent battery and can easily last a day’s charging with normal usage.

How much is the RAM memory on the device?

The Le Max comes with a 4GB or DDR4 RAM making it one of the powerful devices in the market. Out of the 4GB, only around 2.3GB of RAM is available to the user and the rest is occupied by the background applications and the system OS.

Will the device support 4G LTE?

Yes, the device will be supporting 4G LTE connectivity on both the SIM’s and it has become an important feature in the phone as everyone is looking to be updated and have the 4G connectivity in their device. Although all the network operators still do not provide 4G connectivity yet, everyone is eager to get a device that supports LTE so then they can u it.

Can the device capture 4K videos?

Yes, the device can capture 4K videos with its 21 MP camera on the rear. This is a feature that can mostly be seen in high-end devices or camera centric devices. We would love to capture some 4K videos on this device and will be uploading soon. The device also comes with a 4 Ultra pixels camera on the front for high quality selfies.

Does the device have a fingerprint sensor?

Yes, this device from LeTV comes with a fingerprint scanner on the back just below the rear camera. Initially, the user has to set up this feature by going into the settings of the device and tapping on security. Here we have the option of lock screens and fingerprint scanner. Follow the instructions to set up the finger print and you are ready to use it. This is mainly useful to unlock your device and also for making secure payments via smartphone.

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How to Backup and restore the device?

To backup and reset your device, go to the settings options from the phone and select the option Backup and reset from the System section. Now give an account where all the data has to be backed up and to select the option factory data reset. Make sure the battery on the device is more than 50% before you start the resetting process.

How to capture an image with fingerprint sensor?

To capture an image with a fingerprint sensor, the user needs to setup the fingerprint sensor. Once the setup is completed, open the camera application and touch the fingerprint scanner so that you can capture the image without tapping on the screen. This clicked image would be saved in the gallery of the device that can be shared if needed.

What is the Model number of the device?

The model number of the device is Le Max as mentioned on the device. To view the model number of it, go to the settings and tap on About phone, and then select Device information option. The model number of the device depends on the location it is sold.

How to schedule power on and power off on Le Max?

The user can schedule the device to power on and power off automatically by going to settings of the device and tapping on the option Schedule power on & off. This is mainly useful for the people who do not want to be disturbed by the calls and messages in the nights or at office hours and has a call to be attended at a specific time.

Will the handset support NFC connectivity?

Yes, the device supports NFC (Near Field Communication), that will help in the faster transfer of data, provided both the devices should have the NFC feature in it.

What are the benchmarking scores of the device?

The benchmarking scores of the device are mention below that will be helpful in determining the performance levels of the device.

Antutu benchmark score: 77384
Vellamo Multicore score:1895
Vellamo Metal score: 2154
Chrome Browser Score: 4401
Geekbench Single-core score: 1322
Geekbench Multi-core score: 4560
Quadrant Standard score: 35173

What is the Model number of the device?

The model number of the device mentioned is Le Max, and this number can be viewed by going into the settings of the device and scroll down to About phone. Now tap on this and select the option Device information, wherein you can find the model number of the device. The Same device in different regions will have various model numbers.

How to change the Font size on the Le Max?

To change the font size on the device, go to the settings of the device and tap on display at the top. Now scroll down to and select the option Font. Here you can change the font size of the phone accordingly as you want. There is also an option of downloading Font type on the internet.

How to change the wallpaper on the device?

To change the wallpaper on you Le Max the user needs to go to the settings of the device and select the display option from the top. Now click on Wallpaper to select from the available options like Static Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, and Photos. Static wallpapers are normal wallpapers that we use and Live wallpapers are which are active and will be consuming more battery of the device. Wallpapers will change the look of the device and bring more colours to it.

What is Wireless display on the device and how to use it?

The device comes wireless display option that can be from thr More option available in the settings of the device. Turning on this feature will show all the nearby display devices and that need to be connected wireless and the images from the smart phone can be viewed on the display connected

How to use the Screen pinning feature on this device ?

All the devices with the latest Android lollipop comes with screen pinning feature on it.To enable this on your device, open the settings, scroll down to device and click on security. Now scroll down to miscellaneous and click on screen pinning. Further, tap on the off button to enable it on you device. Now open the overview menu and click on the pin button to pin the screen with that app. To unpin the screen you need to touch and hold the same overview button button for few seconds. This ensures that no one can see anything on the device except for what you want show or give access for.

What are the type of screen locks available on the device?

If we go to the settings of the device, we can find the option fingerprint wherein you need to select the option add fingerprint to setup lock screen types. There are two types passwords that can be selected, one being simple password, where it consists of a 4 digit password and complex password is a mixture of letters and numbers. These are used to unlock the device when the fingerprint sensor is not working in any case.

These are few Tips and tricks of the latest device Le Max and if you have any queries around the same, do drop a comment in our PhoneRadar forum section.


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