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Lenovo Cplus & Folio are the Foldable & Bendable Concepts from the Future



Lenovo launched the Tango smartphone and the new Moto Z modular smartphones at the Lenovo Tech World 2016 held in San Francisco. Along with the all the latest smartphones, the company also showed two new devices Lenovo Cplus and Folio. The Cplus is a bendable smartphone while the Folio is a foldable tablet. Another Chinese company, Moxi already announced to launch its first bendable smartphone at a price of $762.

While both the Cplus and Folio are still far from becoming reality, we can expect more and more companies to move away from the bar-shaped smartphones.  Nowadays all the devices look exactly same, and there is very little market for flip phone in few Asian countries. The Samsung W2016 is the latest Android flip phone that comes with high-end specifications give totally a different look. Even Samsung is rumoured to launch two foldable smartphones at the MWC 2017.


There is no time frame mentioned when both the Lenovo Cplus and Folio turn from Prototypes to final devices. When the Cplus is bent across the wrist, the display is cracked and from the image, we can also see black dots all over the display. As the company mentioned, the devices are not fully functional and needed come with new technologies where the motherboard, battery and other parts can be bendable along with the display.

lenovo cplus cracked screen

Source: Engadget

Lenovo mentioned that with the help of bendable display and components, the Cplus and Folio allow dual device and multiple usage scenarios. Lenovo has taken a major step in the flexible/bendable displays which we assume to be future of mobile displays. Both these devices run on Android OS and comes with a new UI. They will be in different color options including White, Black, Red as showcased. The usage of metal will be very less in the devices with the bendable display.

At the CES, LG displayed the huge 18-inch paper-thin display that can be rolled like a display. With more manufacturers investing in the R&D of flexible/bendable displays, we expect final products to be made available to the public in early 2017.  The company also unveiled connected Smart Shoes that comes with wireless charging option. Apart from tracking the fitness activities, these shoes can be used for playing games.


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