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Top 5 Lenovo A 7000 Turbo Problems & How To Fix them



Lenovo is a well-known smartphone manufacturer which always offers a wide variety of smartphones at an affordable cost. It manages to meet the requirements of the users and always look forward to equipping the latest technological features in its devices. So far, we have seen many devices form Lenovo, and most of the Android lovers attracted towards Lenovo A7000 and Lenovo A7000 Plus smartphones.

Recently, it released Lenovo A7000 Turbo smartphone with the 5.5-inch display which packs Android 5.0 Lollipop version. The users who bought this device seem to be happy with its overall performance and functionality, but few users seem to face some issues on the device just which are most common in other Android devices. So, we made few workouts with these issues and found solutions to resolve the issues.

1. Over-heating Issue

Problem – This is the most common issue we have seen so far in all the Android devices. Well, the same issue is being seen in the new Lenovo A7000 Turbo smartphone. So, to resolve this issue, users need to perform few tasks and simple workouts.

Solution – At first, make sure not to use the phone when it is plugged-in for charging. Mostly, this causes the over-heating issue and so try to avoid the usage of phone while charging. Next, do not over-load the processor by opening several apps and features at a time as it may cause the over-heating issue.

Sometimes, cache stored in the apps and device will also cause the over-heating issue. So, the user has to clear the cache that is stored in the background of apps. For that, open each app from the app manager section and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button. This will erase the cache from the apps, and your device will get some free space too.

Even then, the device is heating up; perform the factory reset as the last trial. To do so, first of all, take the backup of data as this process will erase everything from your phone. Once back up is taken, then turn off the device and press Power button along with volume up and volume down buttons altogether at the same time. Now, release the power key after Lenovo Logo appears on the screen. Keep pressing the volume buttons until recovery mode menu appears. Next, choose ‘English’ and then select ‘wipe user data’. Here, choose ‘Fuse wipe data’ and confirm the selection by selecting ‘Yes.’ Now, the factory reset process will begin, and it takes few seconds. The same operation can also be done by opening, ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset>Reset Phone>Erase Everything’. That’s it; now your device should be free from the over-heating issue and if not replace the handset with a new one.

2. Battery-draining issue

Problem – Even though the device equips with Li-Ion 2900 mAH battery, few users are facing the issue with the battery. They reported that battery is discharging very quickly, and so they aren’t able to use the phone for long-period. Well, this can be resolved with few precautions and simple workouts.

Solution – First of all, make sure that you have the original battery charger for charging the device. Next, avoid the charging of device with Laptop or PC as swapping occurs during that period and it takes longtime for charging and it drains the battery faster after charging. Also, turn off the connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data whenever not in use as they consume the battery.

Next, check all the downloaded apps and uninstall the battery-draining apps from the device. Also, avoid playing high-resolution games on the device as it eats away battery faster. If widgets and live wallpapers are being used by the user, it is advised to remove them as they over-loads the processor and causes the battery-draining issue.

3. Lag in Device Performance

Problem – Well, many users reported about this issue after using the device for few weeks. This is a most common problem in every Android device and with certain precautionary measures; users can easily resolve the issue.

Solution – First let’s enable the developer options to improve the performance of the phone. To do so, open ‘Settings>About Phone’ and tap few times on the ‘Build Number’ option. This will enable the developer options, and you can now see them under device settings. So, open the options and scroll down to find animation scale options. In here, you can reduce the point to 0.5x, or you can completely turn them off so as to increase the functionality of the phone.

Next, you have to uninstall the bloatware from the phone as this may cause the lag and other issues. So, uninstall all the pre-installed and other useless apps from the device to resolve the lag issue. Another way to resolve the lag issue is by clearing cache from the apps as explained in the solution 1. If the above methods fail, then try to perform the factory reset of the phone by following the procedure explained in solution 1 as it will resolve the issue.

4. Wi-Fi and Data Connection Issue

Problem – Another common problem that is troubling the Android users in these days is the connection issue with Wi-Fi and data. But, it can be easily resolved by simple workouts.

Solution – First, to resolve the Wi-Fi issue, make sure that you are connecting to the desired network and enter the password (if any) correctly. If it fails, then try to restart your device and try again. If that doesn’t work, then restart the router, and this should resolve the issue.

For data connection error, all you need to do is restart the device and connect. Another alternative enables the flight mode and disable it after few seconds. Now, connect to the data and the issue should get resolved.

5. Bluetooth issue

Problem – Few users reported that they are unable to use the Bluetooth connection as the pairing to the device isn’t responding. Well, this could be a temporary issue, and there is no need to panic as this can be resolved easily.

Solution – Make sure that you are pairing to the desired device and turn on ‘Make device discoverable’ option. Even then it fails, then restart the phone, and it should work now. If it fails, then remove all the old paired devices from the phone and try pairing to the device from beginning.

Note – All the users should update their device regularly with the available software updates as they contain fixes for minor bugs and enhancements to improve the device performance. So, open ‘Settings>About phone’ and check for available updates and download the same if available.

In case, you have any other issues with your new Lenovo A7000 Turbo smartphone then feel free to wrote us down in the comments section below as we try to resolve it for you.

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