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How to Save your Phone Battery Life when Playing Pokemon Go on Android & iOS



Pokémon Go is the new Augmented reality game out there in the market to try out even though it’s not officially launched everywhere. Click here to know how to install it on your ios or android device now irrespective of the region you live in. Well, now you have the game installed, its time to play! But before that, there are certain things you might want to consider before starting to play. This game is going to kill your battery in no time. With GPS constantly running and your screen on all the time, your phone is going to cry for more juice. These tips will help you slow the drain, stay charged, and keep comfortable while you play.

Lower your screen brightness

As mentioned before, your screen is going to be on throughout the gameplay, so the best thing to do is lower your brightness level. Do it up to a point where you can see everything properly and keep it in optimum level. Screen brightness is where your most of the battery drain will come from. According to a test, an iPhone 6s at minimum brightness used 54% less battery than at maximum brightness and a Moto X Pure Edition used 30% less. Also, you can turn off the screen between waypoints. Remember where you have to go and then once you are close, put it back on.

Kill the volume

This will definitely help you to save some battery that can be used by your display. Also if you are streaming to music or playing podcasts in the background then maybe killing those also will help. It will also allow you to focus on the game properly.

Disable Background Apps

Killing any apps in the background will also help you save a lot of battery life. Even though they aren’t running actively, it still eats up the battery as it maybe using some of the memory as well it could also refresh in background. Hence, it’s a good idea to disable any apps you have pulling data in the background, especially if you’re streaming music with Pandora or Spotify. Facebook, Google and Apple Maps, and email apps are all usual suspects when it comes to battery-munching background processes.

No need to turn on power saver mode on, as it will try to limit the background process and slow down your phone and might interfere with the gameplay. Fortunately, Pokémon Go has its own power-saving mode within the game’s options. The mode, found in the Settings menu, makes your phone’s screen go dark—not completely off—while still running the game whenever your phone is upside down (like when it’s in your pocket). Using it should help you save some battery, but we’re not sure how much yet.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi While You’re Out Playing

Disable all these hardware features when you are not using them. Your phone is on a never-ending quest to find open Wi-Fi networks, authenticate with those networks, and repair with Bluetooth devices you paired with in the past. As you might be around a lot of places outside where there might be a lot of connections, your phone will try to connect through all of them and drain your precious battery.

Use offline maps in Pokémon Go

The game uses Google Maps to pull the world data to your smartphone, and while you’re out and about this uses your data connection, which in turn drain your battery while playing Pokémon Go. However, you can download Google Maps for offline use, which will improve the performance of Pokémon Go. To do this, open up the Google Maps app, select the Settings menu (shown by an icon with three horizontal lines) and tap on ‘Offline areas’. Press the ‘+’ icon then use the map to drawn a square of the area you want to download, then tap on ‘Download’.

Get a battery pack

This is what it comes down to. If you are still not able to keep up with your battery, then it is best to get a battery pack for it. You can keep this one charged while your device will be running on its own battery and then you can swap this one out once it is out of juice. It could be a real life saver if you’re about to take on a Gym in Pokémon Go!

If you follow all these steps, you will definitely notice some increase in battery life while playing the game. Even though it’s not going to be significant but it will still help you get more out of your device on a longer run. Also, check out this article for best tips and tricks on how to get rare Pokémons and play better. Or if you are one of those who wants to get rid the name Pokémon from your feeds, then don’t worry, we got you. Click here to know more on that. And check this out, if you are struggling with some issues in the game. Stay tuned for more information on this.


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