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Jio Connected Car Project with Car Router Features & App Screenshots



Reliance’s Jio has been one of the most successful startups in the country and as a company, they are trying to expand in the market with a lot of different products. On the same lines, the company is soon going to launch a new product called the Jio car router, which is nothing but a car router. Now, most of you might be wondering what this product actually is and how it will work. Well, first of all, this car router will be connected to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port of your car. Once connected, it will essentially track all the information about the car like the trip details, tire pressure, fuel remaining, etc.

There is also an application which you, as an end user have to install on your smartphone. All the information which the router is tracking will be sent to the app wirelessly and users will be able to view them. This device will essentially turn your existing car into a smart car in a way where the users using it will have more knowledge about the car and the way they drive, etc. ANotehr interesting thing to note about this particular device is that it has a SIM card slot where you can a Jio SIM to stay connected with it all the time.

As mentioned earlier, it has a lot of features and all of which you can track or use through the connected app on your smartphone. You can check out the screenshots embedded above to get an idea of how the app works. A few of the common features here include trip tracking which will essentially track your entire trip from point A to point B and show you how the driving was. It will detail all the different things like average speed, braking time, hard brakes used, etc. There is also another feature called the Jio fencing with which you can mark a specific area on the map and if the card goes out of this marked location, then you will get an alert on your smartphone. This feature can come really handy if someone else is driving your car and you want to track what is going on.

Do make a note that this product will essentially work with any and all cars with an OBD port. All the car in India that were released in the market after BS2 i.e. Bharat Stage 2 (2009) will support this. Apart from that, there are a ton of other new features which you can check out in our detailed video down below.

At the time of writing this, the product is not officially out yet in the market and hence there is no official info regarding the price. It looks like this will be a subscription based service and we hope to find out more info about it later at the time of the launch. Let us know your thoughts on this.


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