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SeaSeekers Is A Diving Mask With Built-in Spectacles In It



If you have been following the news lately, then you might already be familiar with the Snapchat Spectacles. They are a pair of sunglasses that have a built-in camera to record to record your stories and share it directly to your Snapchat feed for your friends to watch it. However, the spectacles are not waterproof and hence if you wanted to record your scuba diving experience then you can’t do that without killing your spectacles. But wait, there is a new product for you in the market.

Meet the SeaSeekers, a diving mask with built-in Snapchat spectacles. Yes, the SeaSeekers are a pair of waterproof shades which you can take in your next underwater expedition. They can last upto 30 minutes underwater and can survive a depth of 150 feet (around 45 meters) before giving up, which should be good enough for most people. And as weird as this gizmo might sound, it does exist in the real world and there are people trying it out.

Well, if you are interested in giving this unusual diving mask a shot then, unfortunately, you might have to wait. Currently, the Royal Caribbean is trying to patent the SeaSeekers. And if that happens, it looks like only their customers will have access to them and use it. And even that will be possible only when this thing enters production. As mentioned earlier, currently it in the testing phase and right now only a bunch of professional divers have access to them so that they can put this thing to test. One of them is the free diver Ashleigh Baird, who wore this mask and went down to Cenote El Pit sinkhole in Mexico.

Although you cannot buy them yet, you can still see in action through the company’s Twitter profile and Snapchat account. Having said that, let us know your thoughts on this. Have you used a Snapchat spectacles before and are you interested in taking a look at this? Stay tuned for more info.

Source – Royal Caribbean


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