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Jawbone Up3 Fitness Tracker at $179 is Jawbone's Advanced Activity Tracker



Jawbone Up3 Band

Although Jawbone names their new Up3 band as “most advanced activity tracker known to man”, we won’t jump into conclusions, and limit it to say that the Jawbone Up3 is for sure the company’s most advanced Activity tracker yet.

Earlier fitness trackers from Jawbone could check the steps, sleep and event give silent alarms, but the Up3 has a Heart Rate Sensor included, to check the heart rate to take the fitness and health status checkup to the next level.

Jawbone Up3 Band

The Up3 is priced at $179 and according to the company, this band although has a lot more functionality than the earlier bands, the comfort too is better than the Up24 band. The sensors that are included in the device – accelerometer for measuring the movement, skin and ambient temperature sensors, and sensors to measure bioimpedence (that includes things from heart rate to hydration levels).

These sensors help track everything and then let you know how well are you living, mainly based on the sleep, steps walked and the body fitness levels.

Also, earlier the Jawbone’s fitness trackers were limited to tracking and reporting, but now there is a Smart Coach available, and using all the data, it would judge easily what you were doing during the workout. For example, if you were working out, the smart coach will tell you if you are dehydrated and had less water during workout. Or if you sleep better or worse when you played some games with your workout.

The coach provides personalized suggestions, such as when to sleep based on the day’s activity, and when to drink water.

The band even has a sensor that would detect if it is loosely worn on the wrist, and most of these sensors are on the top. The Jawbone Up3 comes in different color choices for the users, and the battery life is said to be around 1 week. The band is water resistant up to 10 meters, and it looks even more comfortable than the Up24 band. Alongside this, Jawbone has also launched a $50 Jawbone Up Move band.


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