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Jawbone to switch its focus to clinical products and stop making consumer wearables



Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone has been one of the pioneers in the fitness wearable industry for a long time now. The company is known for it’s UP series of fitness trackers, etc. However, if you are a Jawbone fan and like their offerings in the market, then you are going to be disappointed to know that there are reports of them calling it off from consumer wearable industry. Yes, it has been reported Jawbone is going on to be focusing more on clinical products and services moving forward. This doesn’t come as a surprise to a lot of people since the company looked like they had lost track of all the things going around.

Talking about Fitness wearable market, we have a lot of new players and highly established players like Fitbit, etc. whose products are selling like hot cakes as compared to Jawbone. Hence Jawbone has decided to step down from this highly saturated market, and focus more on health products and services clinicians and health providers working with patients. According to the reports which we have, it looks like Jawbone is looking to raise yet another round of funding and it is looking to get resources from new strategic investors in the wider medical sector.

The San Francisco-based company started off with headsets and speakers and was doing good until it decided to enter an uncharted territory and get into a battle with well-established companies like Fitbit to eventually lose it in a way. One of the sources close to the company had reported that there are a lot of things to learn about the interactions between health wellness and consumer electronics and also noted that consumer hardware is quite difficult to pull off. Now that Jawbone is stepping into the medical field; it will be interesting to see how it works out for the company.

Having said that, this in a way is a clear win for Fitbit since Jawbone was one of the competitors for them. And now that they are gone, it leaves Fitbit and Apple as few of the big names in the wearable industry and we hope neither of them ends up on the likes of Jawbone, at least not anytime soon. And considering that fact that Fitbit has made some huge acquisitions last year, the consumers are in for a treat. Recently, Fitbit it was also reported that Fitbit is planning for a stylish smartwatch with fitness tracking capabilities.


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