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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 having trouble detecting heart rate of people with dark skin complexion



Xiaomi launched the Mi Band 2 in the month of June last year, and since then it has been readily available to purchase in places like China, etc. The company also launched it in India a couple of months after the initial announcement and soon it went onto become one of the most affordable fitness tracker available in India, and they were selling like hot cakes. It is one of the most affordable options and it works absolutely fine and does what it claims to do. No wonder the company kept running out of stock for this one. However, the recent news on the Mi Band 2 does seem all that positive.

According to the various reports, it looks like there is some kind of defect with the Mi Band 2 as users have reported complaints about the heart rate monitor. It has been noted from the complaints that the heart rate monitor on the Mi Band 2 doesn’t work on persons with dark skin color. While this is an unusual error to be faced, we hope the company takes this seriously and does something about it. The issue seems to be quite serious since a lot of users have reported about it since the first complaint popped up back in October 2016.

On October 2016, a thread popped up which read ‘Mi Band 2 Heart Rate measure not working on Black People’ on the title. It was reported that the tracker was unable to read the heart rate on the dark skin while it was working just fine when it was placed on the lighter parts of the body like the palm of the hands of the same person. And not just one or two, a lot of people have reported about this issue and the problems seems to be consistent throughout all the use case scenarios. “One of the users reported that it wasn’t working since one week after the purchase and even after trying other variants, the problem still exists, meaning that the band was working fine on people with while skin complexion and not on persons with dark ones.

To their defense, Xiaomi has marked this issue as ‘being worked on’, however, that doesn’t seem to stop the number of complaints that are piling on this particular issue. Pretty much no one knows the exact reason behind this and we hope that the company will do something about this very soon. On the other hand, it is also quite disappointing to see such reports about the Mi Band 2 which is pretty much one of the best offerings in the market for this price. With that said, if you are facing some similar issue then we suggest you to stay put and wait for any confirmation from Xiaomi on the same.


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