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itel Selfie Pro it1511 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



itel Selfie Pro it1511 is the new smartphone in India from the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer dubbed as itel. Priced at Rs. 6,999, the company is targeting the entry-level market, and it also announced SmartPower it5600, SmartSelfie it2180 and SmartSelfie it5231 starting from Rs. 700. The company also launched Wish it1508 and PowerPro it1410at a price of Rs.3,899 and Rs. 3,339 respectively. The Selfie Pro it1511 will come in Champagne Gold and Black color variants and is mainly for the selfie lovers.

The Selfie Pro it1511 comes with a 5 inch HD IPS Oncell display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. To power the device there is a MediaTek quad-core processor clocked at 1.0GHz coupled with 1 GB RAM and Mali 400 GPU. As the name suggests, this is a selfie device that comes with a 2 MP camera on the front and is supported by a LED flash and the rear camera has a 8 MP sensor with LED flash that comes with EIS technology.

In case if you are planning to get this device, here are few of the important tips that will help you to know more about the same.

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What is Turbo Download on this device?

Turbo Download lets the user download files faster that are over 20 MB using Wi-Fi and 4G/3G networks at the same time. It uses both the Wi-Fi connectivity as well as the mobile data to speed up the download process and for this, the Mobile data should be turned on. The Turbo Download icon will be displayed in the status bar when it is turned on.

What is Inadvertently mode?

The Inadvertently mode on Selfie Pro it1511 will automatically lock the device when it is placed in the pocket. This will save the battery consumption and also avoids pocket touches. To turn on this mode, go to the settings of the device and select the option Display, wherein Inadvertently mode can be toggled on.

What is the Action mode on the device?

The user can get access the Action mode on the device from the settings wherein more options are available in it.
Tap to wake: Like double tap to wake up feature on most of the device, Tap to wake will also wake the device by double tapping on the off screen.

Quick Start: Quick start on the device will let the user start the device or any particular applications by making specific gestures with fingers from the off screen which will take to that particular application directly.

Take Screenshot with three fingers: This will let the user take a quick screenshot by sliding three fingers up or down from any UI easily.

How to insert the SIM card ?

To insert a SIM card on itel Selfie Pro it1511, the company has provided a slot on the back. Power off the device and take the back cover to view the battery and other SIM slots. Now place the SIM cards according to the instructions given.

What is the type of SIM supported?

itel Selfie Pro it1511 is dual SIM smartphone and supports dual standby like most of the devices. The SIM card backed by the device is one regular SIM and one Micro SIM card. Everyone these days need dual SIM feature as they need to keep the personal number and office number separately, and it’s difficult to carry two different devices for it.

How to share your Data network via Tethering?

Data sharing helps you to share the internet over a device. To use this feature on your itel Selfie Pro it1511, open the Settings and tap on more button in Wireless & networks. Now tap on the Portable hotspot and select the option Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to enable that on the handset. You can change the Network SSID name and Password by tapping on Set up Wi-Fi Hotspot in the same menu. You can set securities levels and also deny access to certain devices. A maximum of eight devices can be connected to this network.

How to take a Screenshot on my itel Selfie Pro it1511?

With the help of screenshot, you can take an instant image of the screen. This ensures that you can view this image when required. To capture a screenshot on this handset there are two ways, hold the power/lock button along with the volume down button simultaneously until you feel a vibration or hear a sound. Another way to take a screenshot is by sliding three fingers to top or bottom on the screen which has already been mentioned above. This captured screenshot can be quickly viewed by swiping from the top or by opening the gallery app that can be shared via any application.

How to check for the Android Updates Selfie Pro it1511?

For checking for updates on Selfie Pro it1511, tap on the System folder and click on Wireless updates. The device checks for updates and if there are no new updates available then “Your Phone Software version is Latest One “will be displayed on the screen. If there is an update available, the user needs to download the update and then install it, make sure the battery of the device is more than half before the installation starts.

How to Install external apps with apk files?

External apps can be installed by enabling the Unknown sources options on Selfie Pro it1511. To enable this on your itel Selfie Pro it1511, Open the Settings and tap on Lock screen & Security in the personal section. In the new window, tap on unknown sources and click on the OK button enable this on the device. Now, you can install any apk file but make sure that it won’t harm your handset.

How to customize the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel?

The Quick Settings in the notification panel cannot be customized as it displays almost all the required options.

How to use the Power saving modes on the itel Selfie Pro it1511?

Although the device does not have an inbuilt power saver, the company has pushed an Ultra power mode application that can be turned when required.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

Direction, G-Sensor, Acceleration, Light, E-Compass, Proximity, Gyro, Linear acceleration and Rotation Vector are the sensors available and helps in automating the device.

Are there LED notification lights on this device?

Yes, the device comes with LED notification lights on it and must be enabled. To use the LED Lights, Open the settings, tap on Brightness& display in the device section and click on Indicator light. You will find options like Calls, Messages, Notification, Charge and Low battery. Tap on the options for which you want to get notified with the LED light. This ensures that the user does not miss any import notification even if there are busy.

How to use the Screen pinning feature on the itel Selfie Pro it1511?

itel Selfie Pro it1511 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and does support the screen pinning feature. Now, open the settings and click on Lock screen & security. In the new window head over to screen pinning option and tap on it. Now toggle the off button to enable that on the device. Now open the new menu and pin any of the application by tapping on the pin button. To unpin your pinned screen, you need to press the back button for few seconds, and you have successfully unpinned from your device.

Can I Move apps from phone storage to SD card?

There is no such option using which you can move an app from internal storage to external SD Card.

What are the bloatware applications on the device?

The device comes with few bloatwares like Palmchat,WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook XWallpaper, X contacts and Font manager. As it’s a budget oriented device, we can’t see much of other applications.

What is the SAR value?

The highest SAR value for this smartphone is less than 1.6 W/Kg which is also the limit for exposure to the radio waves.

What is the model number?

The Model number of the device is itel-it1511 as mention on the device.

Benchmarking scores of the device

Benchmark score determined the performance levels of the device and give an idea how the device is coping with other Smart phones. Below are the benchmark scores of the same.

Antutu benchmark score: 8860
Vellamo Multicore score: 1143
Vellamo Metal score: 737
Chrome Browser Score: 1868
Geekbench Single-core score: 463
Geekbench Multi-core score: 1357
Quadrant Standard score: 7454

Can I remove the bloatware apps from the device?

Yes, the device comes with an option where you can uninstall the apps from your device. Not all the applications can be uninstalled; the applications which cannot be uninstalled can be disabled from your device. To uninstall an app, open the settings and tap on App in the device section and click on the app that you want to remove. In the app info window, click on the uninstall button, the app is successfully removed from your device.

How much the internal storage on the itel Selfie Pro it1511?

The device comes with 8 GB of internal storage out of which around 4.16 MB of space is available for the user and rest of space is occupied by OS and other pre-installed apps. This is very less since users cannot store much data or can use many applications.

How much free RAM is available if no apps are running?

The device comes with a mere 1 GB of RAM out of which around 595 MB is available for the user, and the rest is occupied by the system OS and other applications pre-installed on it.

Does the device support OTG?

No, the device does not support OTG(On the Go) drive where you can exchange the data from your device to drive with ease. This saves a lot of time and makes sure that it is very easy to transfer the data.

Will the itel Selfie Pro it1511 get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update?

The device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, and the company has not Pro it1511vided information about the further updates on this handset. Considering it as a budget friendly device, this is a good inclusion.

How to change the Theme?

Themes can be changed by heading on to the settings section of the device. Now by tapping on it display section of it and select Themes. Now, click on the theme that you want to apply and tap on the use button and the theme is successfully implemented on the device.

How much battery is available on the handset?

The device comes with a small Li-Po 2500 mAh battery on the back but will be good enough to last an entire’s day charge on normal usage.

What is the camera resolution on Selfie Pro it1511?

Selfie Pro it1511 comes with 8 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash and is accompanied with a 2 MP camera with LED flash on the front for enhancing video calls and selfies capture.

Will the device support 4G LTE?

Yes, the device does support the 4G LTE connectivity with VoLTE technology. Now, in this modern era, everyone wants to get the access to the latest technology and faster browsing speeds.

Can the device capture 4K videos?

No, the device cannot capture 4K videos with the 8 MP camera available on the rear. There are very few devices in the market that capture 4K videos.

Can the memory be extended?

Yes, the memory of the device can be extended up to a maximum of 32 GB via microSD card slot that is provided, which is good for a device at this price range.

Will the device support NFC connectivity?

No, sadly this device does not support NFC (Near field communication). This feature lets the user transfer data fast and easily just by taping the other device that also has this NFC connectivity on it.

How to reset and backup itel Selfie Pro it1511?

To reset the handset, go to the settings of the device and select Backup and reset option. Before you start the resetting procedure, make sure you backup all the data that is important, and the battery is more than 50%. This ensures that you do not lose any contacts or other relevant information. The device will be asking the backing up the account where all the settings and applications will be saved and can be brought back once you log in to the device again with the same email ID.

These were the general tips and tricks of the device that can be helpful and if you have more questions regarding the same do drop a comment in our PhoneRadar forum page, and we will get back to you soon with more.


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