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iPhone 8 said to be releasing with curved bezel-less 5″ & 5.8″ variants



Since the launch of iPhone 7, we have been hearing a lot about the iPhone 8 which is pretty much expected to come with major redesign since it is going to be the 10th Year Anniversary edition of iPhone. While most of the rumours point to a complete redesign for the smartphones, we are not sure if the rumours are to be believed or not. More and more news keeps popping about the new iPhones every day, and most of them point to something new to be expected from the Cupertino giant.

On the same lines, we now have yet another report about the upcoming iPhone 8 which will make you go WOW! Yes, according to the new reports which we have right now, it is expected that Apple might be releasing two new variants of the iPhone 8 next year and both of them will go bezel-less. Not just that, it is also expected that both the variants will come with a curved display as well. However, this seems quite hard to believe just yet.

This new comes from the analysts within Apple’s supply chain. They said that Apple will be able to put in a bigger display within the body of the same iPhones that are available in the market right now. Which means the 4.7″ variant will be replaced by the 5″ one and the Plus size variant will be replaced by the bigger 5.8″ display. This would make sense if the company decided to go bezel-less. As of now, if you notice the current iPhones, there are two huge bezels on the top as well as bottom which solves no purpose.

And not just that, it has been reported that only the bigger variant i.e. the 5.8″ variant will sport the OLED display technology allowing the display to be sharper, brighter, and more energy efficient than LCD technology. However, all these new rumours clash with some of the previous ones where we saw that the company might stick to the same current display sizes. But then again, as mentioned, these are just initial set of rumours and most of them could be fake as well. Hence we suggest you take them with a grain of salt.

And talking about the previous rumours about the device, we can also expect the company to take off the home button completely and put it on the display or maybe find out a way where they can embed it within the display itself. And recently, we also saw the new wireless technology that Apple is planning for these new iPhones. Well, although all that looks quite promising right now, we still have to wait for the official launch of the smartphone to know more about then in detail. Until then, these are going to stay as rumours only and unfortunately this is what we will have till we get an official announcement from them.


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