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iPhone 7 Plus explodes in China after an accidental fall on the ground



After the Galaxy Note 7 recall, the smartphone explosion scenario has been quite for some time now. We haven’t heard about any new smartphone explosions apart from a few incidents which are reported to be fake. Not that it is a bad thing by any means since the smartphone explosions are the last thing which we want. However, we have some new reports which claim that an iPhone 7 Plus has exploded now in China. Yes, it looks like the explosions have not stopped after all.

According to the source, this iPhone 7 Plus exploded in Yunnan province, Southwest China after an accidental fall on the ground. It is also reported that it was purchased recently and upon hitting the ground, it started emitting smoke and severe vibrations. After some time the smartphone’s screen was shattered completely, and it was detached from the body. Well, if you take a look at the images from the source, then probably can figure out that it is beyond repair since the extent of damage is beyond imagination. It is expected that the battery would have exploded due to the impact of the drop.

Either way, we don’t have any info on what Apple has to say on this. All these new explosions only add up to a total number of mishaps that took place till now. Previously, there have been two explosions cases around the iPhone 7 where the phones exploded miserably. Although these are very rare cases that we are seeing here, but still it is something to keep an eye on. Even the Note 7 explosions started slowly, and now we don’t have Note 7 smartphones anymore. This doesn’t mean that the iPhones are also a danger to the world, but users should be more careful while using them and proceed with caution.

Last month also an iPhone 7 was exploded while taking it out of the box and the other one exploded in Australia which almost burnt down a car. And also, this is not just limited to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but we have also seen similar cases with iPhone 6 and 6s as well. And interestingly, we don’t have any kind of response from Apple on this. The reason for that is maybe these are still very rare scenarios and probably a detailed statement can be expected from them if we see more similar cases in future.

With an increase in the number of these smartphone explosions, it is definitely a matter of concern now among the consumers. Apart from checking the specs and features of a smartphone before buying them, people are now waiting to see if there are any reports of the smartphones exploding or not. Well, at this point, let’s just hope this is the last one we hear and if in case more happens, then should at least get an official statement from Apple. Stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more info on this.


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