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New iPhone 7 claimed to be faster than your Macbook & Top Android Smartphones



Apple‘s new iPhones come with an all new chipset which is called the new A10 Fusion. This new chipset has four cores and is basically the fastest processor in the market right now, at least according to the company. But various new bench tests tells us the same story in fact. Yes, Apple’s new smartphones are extremely fast, and the same has been outlined by the Geekbench scores when the device was compared with some of the best Android smartphones in the market.

Yes, all this makes sense right? We all know that these iPhones which are launched every year comes with some of the best SoC and proves that they are far better than other Android smartphone in the market. But this time around, Apple has made a beast of a chipset. It’s so powerful that it even leaves the company’s MacBook Air line of notebook behind in the dust. Yes, and the same has been proved by the iPhone 7’s Geekbench scores. The new iPhones not only beats the Galaxy S7 from a single-core score but also outperforms the company’s MacBook Air line up as well.

The new iPhone 7’s single-core score is very impressive at about 3,450 which is almost twice as fast as the highest ranking Android-powered device. So basically the new iPhones can produce upto 3x performance than the iPhone 6. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the iPhone 7 is nearly as powerful as the 2013 MacBook Pro on both single-core and multicore scores. You can check out the source link for more details on the same. The Geekbench result tells us how capable a specific device is performing tests designed to benchmark a device.

And this definitely reflects on the day-to-day performance as well. The apps load blazingly fast and feel like they are on fire. Well, now that we have seen such a performance from the company, we can’t wait to see what they do next year for the 10th Year anniversary iPhones. Stay tuned for more detailed info this.


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