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Apple iPhone 6s #ChipGate – How To Find the Processor on your iPhone 6s & 6s Plus



Last year when Apple had launched the iPhone 6 & the 6 plus, it was hit with the #BendGate where the larger version of the device could be easily bent. The issue did go viral & following which Apple did work on the build quality this year on the new iPhones. It’s still not a few weeks post the Official announcement & this year there’s another Gate that’s the #ChipGate. Let us talk more about this.

According to a few reports, different users are experiencing way different battery life on their devices & the processor is to be blamed here. There are two separate processors on the 6s & 6s plus which are manufactured by TSMC & Samsung. The A9 processor was sourced from both the manufacturers to fill up the huge demand during the launch which we had reported earlier. [13 Million iPhone Sold]. has published a graphical comparison of these where it is clear that the Samsung comes with 96mm squared while the TSMC is 104.5 mm square.

Apple Samsung TSMC Processors

This clearly points that all the iPhones are not created equal & if you wish to find which processor is on your iPhone you need to visit the App Store. Next download the ‘Lirum Device Info” Application which gives you all the information in terms of Storage & Model Information. Followed are the Model details for the respective devices.

Lirum Device Info Application

  • iPhone 6S – Samsung – N71AP
  • iPhone 6S – TSMC – N71MAP
  • iPhone 6S Plus – Samsung – N66AP
  • iPhone 6S Plus – TSMC – N66MAP

Few iPhone owners have done a comparison in terms of Battery Test on the devices where it was found that the TSMC phones lasted longer which is something very Important to make a note of. Also in the case of heating tests there was a slighter difference in the results where the Samsung models were a slightly hotter. Again this could be the very reason why the 6S flash was disabled during overheating.

Check your Phone now & let us know which chip is on your phone. In our iPhone 6s Unboxing, we had mentioned that our unit was Imported from Hong Kong & that came with the Samsung chip. Nonetheless there’s no way of even knowing which processor on your iPhone you could get when buying hence its just a hope you could have on getting the TSMC Chip.


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