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iPhone 6 EarPods to have Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor?



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iPhone Earpods

The next iPhone from Apple is going to come anytime soon, but what would be exciting is not only in the phone, but also in its accessories. The latest best news we get to hear from one of the sources is that the earpods (Apple earphones that come along with a smartphone) are going to have the sensors that can measure a person’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Interestingly, this information was given by someone through the anonymous poster app Secret, and he is said to be one of those who was ousted from the company last week, along with others. A story of revenge, you may say because Apple always tries to keep things a secret until the announcement is done.

Apple is going to incorporate the sensors into the headphones, and this is something similar to what was seen in the headphones of the LG Lifeband Touch smart band, but it was just a heart rate monitor included by LG. Along with these sensors, Apple is going to use the iBeacon system to locate the Earpods if they are lost. The smart wearables from Apple don’t end here, because according to the same person, the company is even working on an iWatch wearable, which hasn’t got any final name yet.

Apple won’t be facing any abuse from the community if they keep the iWatch (Apple’s smart watch) compatible with only the Apple phones. Because that’s the same thing used by Samsung in their Gear 2 and Gear Fit, which have the limited compatibility, with only a few selected Galaxy smartphones for now. But with regards to the apps, Apple is working on the Healthbook app which is said to be coming as a part of the iOS 8 platform, and this app would be something in competition to the S Health app from Samsung.

If we were to ignore simply what the ex-employee is claiming, there was a patent granted to Apple, and that patent is about the same features which he explained – the headphone system having a few sensors embedded for tracking the heart rate, temperature, etc.

For someone new to the word “iBeacon”, it’s the technology which was recently introduced by Apple, for the devices to detect any other devices around (basically for the iOS 7 devices for now), and let them know about their presence, so one can easily find the device if lost. And just as shown in the picture above, the leaker claimed that it is the reason the audio jack was moved to the bottom, in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c because the charging of the Earpods would be done using the lightning port.

Ignoring the expected price part for now, we are surely going to see some exciting stuff from Apple in the coming month, at the WWDC 2014 event in June when Apple might be announcing it.



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