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iPhone 4S Customer Sues Apple for Rs 48 Lakh Over an Year-old Fire Accident



With all the technological improvements, the smartphones are becoming more and more powerful. Since the smartphones with powerful specifications can’t provide longer battery life, the manufacturers are choosing to include bigger batteries. We have been seeing many smartphones exploding mainly due to faulty batteries. Last year, Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after its faulty battery caused several explosions. We have also seen similar incidents from the Apple iPhones users. Now, the U.S based insurer, State Farm along with its customer have filed a case against Apple for the last year’s fire accident.

According to the Plaintiffs, the defective battery of the iPhone 4S was the reason for this accident. The device was purchased in 2014, and at the time of the incident in April 2016, it houses the same original battery that came along with the device. It is mentioned that the iPhone 4S has failed and started the fire to the house. According to the lawsuit, the preliminary investigations show evidence of a significant and localized heating event in the battery area of the iPhone as well as remnants of internal shorting, indicating that an internal failure of the iPhone’s battery caused the fire.

The investigations also indicate that the internal battery area of the iPhone has caused the fire. While the insurer paid for the damages covered under warranty, the customer has spent from her own pocket for the other damages. Now, the lawsuit claims for the damages for more than $75,000 (approx Rs 48,31,000) caused the faulty iPhone. As of now, all the investigations are done by the insurer, and there is no confirmation whether Apple has examined the device or not. While it is mentioned use the original battery, there is no information whether the device is charging at the time of the accident.

The lawsuit also mentioned the design, manufacture, and sale of the iPhone created a dangerous, unsafe, and defective condition, but there aren’t many incidents linked with the iPhone 4S. However, there are a few incidents with the other iPhone models like iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, and other. Till date, Apple has yet to respond to this lawsuit. We will update once there is more information about the further proceedings.



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