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Honor 8 Pro Designed to Pack Large Battery within a Slim Metal Body



Smartphones have evolved a lot over the past couple of years when it comes to their design. From big and bulky devices, that no one liked to carry, today smartphones have become a fashion accessory in most cases. They are slimmer than ever and look elegant. In fact, each and every other smartphone manufacturer is now focusing on making their devices look better than what the competition has to offer.

And talking about the smartphone design, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei has also come up with some exceptional looking smartphones over the past couple of years. The Huawei P9, P10, etc. have been some of the best-designed smartphones that we have seen so far from the company. They look very elegant with a slim profile and manage to look good on pretty much all occasions. You can read our full written review of the Huawei P9 to learn more about it.

The company’s sub-brand Honor, launched the Honor 8 last year, which looks absolutely stunning with the glass design that reflects the light falling on to it and shows a unique pattern. The Honor 8 Lite also has a great design despite the fact that is a budget-centric smartphone. We reviewed both Honor 8 as well as the Honor 8 Lite and you can read our full review to learn more about their good looks. And now, the company has launched the new Honor 8 Pro here in India, which is yet another great offering from the company.

Talking specifically about the design, the Honor 8 Pro sports a unique design and it manages to look better than the competitions out there in the market, in and around the same price point. First of all, it has a metal body at the back, which gives it a unique look. This is something new and refreshing to see from Honor, since both the Honor 8 and the Honor 8 Lite, had a glass body. The 5.7-inch quadHD display on the front perfectly compliments the overall design of the smartphone, making everything look nice and sharp.

The Honor 8 Pro measures 157.00 x 77.50 x 6.97 in dimensions, making it extremely slim and elegant to hold in hand. It is in fact, even slimmer than some of the competitions out there in the market like the OnePlus 5. Despite the fact that it is slimmer, it still sports a 4,000 mAh battery, which is simply amazing for the smartphone with this thickness. Overall, there is not a lot to talk about the design of the smartphone here and the images which you see, pretty much speaks for itself. To conclude, it is just safe to say that Huawei is also doing an exceptional job when it comes to smartphone design and is definitely giving a tough competition in this category.

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