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iOS 13 Features Leaked – System-wide Dark Mode, New Multi-tasking and Gestures confirmed: Report



Apple’s developer conference – WWDC 2019 is scheduled to be held on June 3rd-7th at San Jose, California. The event where we get to see the new operating systems for all the Apple products including iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watch and TVs as well. Ahead of the launch in a couple of months, there’s a new report that had shed some information on what to expect from the upcoming iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads.

People familiar with upcoming iOS development has revealed exclusive details about the new iOS 13 to 9to5Mac. There are a bunch of new features that are said to be coming with the latest iOS 13 for iPhones and iPads. First and foremost is the much-anticipated system-wide dark mode feature that will supposedly roll out with the new iOS 13. The report suggests that the system-wide dark mode can be enabled through settings and it will most likely be similar to what we have seen on the earlier released dark mode for MacOS at the last year’s WWDC event. The new dark mode will enable users to use their Apple products more comfortably in the darker environments and in the night, which will further help sleep easily since there wouldn’t be any blue light emissions from those super bright OLED displays.

iOS 13 on iPad is said to bring multiple features that include apps’ ability to have multiple windows at the same time to utilize the iPad’s large screen. And, the report also indicates each window of the apps will be also be having sheets that are supposed to attach to a portion of the screen. These sheets can further be adjusted with new drag gestures, which further help in stacking up cards together on the iPad as well.

Coming to the gestures, the report had indicated that there would be a new Undo gesture introduced with the latest iOS 13 that will utilize a three-finger gesture for undoing and redoing actions. Earlier only Undo typing has been available which required a physical shaking of the iPhone to enable the feature, which was certainly awkward. The new Undo gesture will reportedly be coming to the iPad, and the gesture area will be activated on the keyboard itself wherein the three-finger gestures will enable the undo and redo actions.

While these new changes appear to be useful, other noticeable changes are coming in the iOS 13 as well. For instance, the Mail app developed by Apple is likely to become smarter, meaning the emails will be categorized as per different sections that might include marketing, purchasing, travel and more. This approach is similar to what third-party apps like Edison Mail, Spark, and others offer. Furthermore, we can see improvements for built-in Safari browser, and there would be new font management that is likely to be introduced in the system settings of the new iOS 13 as well.

The report additionally reveals that there would be more useful and interactive gestures on the overall iOS 13 operating system for both iPhone and iPad devices. Another significant change in the new iOS 13 would finally get rid of obtrusive volume slider that shows up on the center of the screen every time you change it, which has been quite annoying in Apple devices on the whole. This is likely to be replaced with the upcoming iOS 13 operating system. Apple users need to wait till WWDC 2019 this year to experience the first beta or public beta of the iOS 13 that will be released thereafter. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.

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