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Insta360 Air Smartphone Camera allows you to Livestream 360-degree Videos



360 Degree cameras are slowly taking over, as the world is moving towards a different kind of content. Now VR is growing at a faster rate and we already have a couple of hardware to consume the content effectively. But then again, when you talk about means of producing these content suitable for VR, the options are quite less. Even the 360-degree cameras available in the market are either very expensive or very complex to take control of. Previously we saw the Insta360 Nano which is nothing but a small contraption which is attached to your smartphone. It had a very limited potential and was not quite the product we were looking for since it was limited to iPhones only.

Now after all this time, we have a new product from the same company, and this new one is called the Insta360 Air. This new Insta360 Air is a clip-on 360-degree video camera which also has live streaming capabilities. While this product might be something new but we all know that the parent company behind it are no strangers when it comes to 360-dgree cameras. This one has the same optical capabilities as that of the Nano, but then the price is significantly less. Apart from being a 360-dgeree camera attachment for your smartphone, it also doubles as a 360-dgeree webcam for your laptops and computers for those long live streaming sessions.

As far as the optics are considered here, it can take 3K still images and 2K resolution videos which are software stabilized. It also works well with both micro USB and USB type-C connectors allowing for a support with a wide-variety of devices. Also, the best part is, content captured on the Insta360 can be shared directly on Facebook, Twitter, etc and the videos can be directly live streamed to YouTube. As far as the pricing is concerned, if you pre-order this now then you can get it for $99 or else post crowd-funding, it will cost you $119. Check the source links for more details on the same for more insights on this device.


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