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This is How Most Indian Telecom Operators Charge you Upto Rs 10,000/GB for Internet Data



The telecom sector in India is currently undergoing a revolutionary change. With the launch of Jio as more and more people are coming online, the other telecom operators are trying to take advantage of this and hold their position in the market. In a way, it is a win for the consumers as every other company is trying to come up with a better tariff than the other to appeal the market. We have already compared all the new tariff plans offered by these companies in a detailed article, which you can check out for more details.

All these tariff plans are all great, but have you ever thought how much most of the telecom operators charge you for your data once you run out of data limit? Well, most people are aware of this but it is safe to say that a majority of people don’t care to calculate how much it costs in actuality. Dubbed as PayAsYouGo plan, it simply implies that once you are out of the data limit, you pay for what you use. This makes a lot of sense right? Just Pay for what you use. However, ever wondered how much you pay for this casual usage?

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Let’s consider Airtel here for a moment and see what we have. As you can see from the tariff plans provided by Airtel, once you reach the data limit, instead of disconnecting the data connection, they make you follow a PayAsYouGo plan and charge you per Kb of data you consume. And as it is clearly mentioned below, you will be charged 10p/10kb of data you consume. As mentioned earlier, on paper this might look like somewhat reasonable if you are on the go and need data. However, when you do the math and see how much they are charging, it adds upto about Rs. 10,000/GB or even higher in some cases. Well, Rs. 10,000/GB surely looks like a ridiculous amount of money to be charged.

Do make a note that this is not the case with just Airtel but pretty every other operator now. Most of them charge you similarly which is absolutely insane when they can simply disconnect the data and resume on request. If you ask them, then might tell you that it is done to provide you uninterrupted data connectivity, etc. but in reality, this is more of a SCAM than a convenience and we need to address this. The image below (via TelecomTalk) shows you an example of what this situation is all about and how much it adds upto collectively.

With that said, this definitely needs to stop. There is no point paying so much for data no matter how good the connectivity is or how good the service is in comparison to others. Although this atrocious behavior doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, there are certain things which you can do to safeguard yourself and prevent yourself from ending with zero balance.

  • Always set up the Data Limits on your Android Phone along with a warning at 80%. This feature is available on pretty much all the smartphones and this can help you with the alerts so that you stop overusing the data.
  • Keep a track of the data through the Networks official apps. Thankfully most of the telecom service provider has an official app where you ca monitor your account activity like MyAirtel or My Jio App.
  • Disable the internet when you are close to 95% of the usage & recharge if you are in need. This will prevent you from accidentally overusing the data and depleting your main balance.
  • Always keep minimal balance on your Prepaid Number before they charge you. This is also something which you can do since the operator won’t be able to charge if there is no balance on the first.

However, this problem will only come to an end if the operator stops charging a ton of money for the data offered. We as the end users have to understand this and raise the voice against this practice so that the operators stop abusing the resources like this. If you have been charged like this ever before, then be sure to let us know in the comment section below so that we can bring this to the various telecom operators’ notice. Also, be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info like this.


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