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How to Increase Battery Life on Sony Xperia Z Phone – Best 9 Tips



Sony is well-known for maintaining the quality in its products as it always wishes to satisfy the end user. Ever since it entered into the smartphone industry, it managed to occupy a decent place among the top manufacturers. So far, we have seen various products from the Sony, which embedded latest technological features in it. After the release of Sony Xperia Z smartphone, the company launched Xperia Z1, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3, and Xperia Z5 smartphones which have seen success in the market.

The 5-inch Sony Xperia Z phone grabbed the attention of many Android lovers, and many users are still using this as their primary device. It seems like many users are facing the issue with battery life and so, in here we are going to share few tips to increase the battery life of the phone. So, just relax and go through the below tips to improve the performance of the battery.


In Sony Xperia Z device, users have plenty of options for saving the battery life. One among them is STAMINA mode which can be found under ‘Applications>Settings>Device>Power Management >STAMINA mode.’ Now, turn on the STAMINA mode and tap on the battery level to set the % of the battery at which you wish to set the STAMINA mode. By doing this, users can somewhat improve the life of the battery. Also, open the Low battery mode and turn it on.

Adjust brightness

In general, every Android device enables the auto-adjustment for brightness and rotation of the screen. Well, this can consume some amount of the battery and so to avoid that user has to disable the auto-option. To boost the battery life, users need to adjust manually the brightness as per the environment. By doing this, battery life will become better, and you can experience the battery performance from the battery. Also, enable the rotation option whenever necessary.

Turn off Connections

Always remember to turn off the connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and data whenever not in use. These options when enabled, will consume more amount of the battery unnecessarily resulting in battery-draining. So, we advise you turn off these connections and never turn on the data connection while travelling or in low-network coverage area as it drains the battery faster. Also, GPS feature should be turned off whenever not in use as this can be battery consuming.

Do remember to turn off the auto-updates for the apps that are downloaded from the plays store. Visit each app by yourself from app manager and update it if required. Auto-updating will unnecessarily consume the battery life.

Remove Bloatware

Just like all other Android devices, Sony also embeds few pre-installed apps in the device. Sometimes, bloatware may cause the issues of over-heating and battery-draining. So, we advise you to uninstall the bloatware from the device and if you do not find an option for that, then disable them. Also, check all the apps which are downloaded by you from the play store and uninstall the useless and battery-draining apps. By doing this, one can easily increase the battery life of the phone.

Remove Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets may perform certain tasks for the users but at the same time, they keep more pressure on the processor resulting in poor battery life. So, we advise you to disable all the widgets from the phone and if at all necessary, then use just one or two widgets. On the other hand, Live Wallpapers also consume more amount of the battery as it utilizes internet connection. So, users have to use normal or static wallpapers and screensavers instead of live wallpapers.

Software Update

By updating the device with the latest software, the user can resolve the existing issues on the phone. Software updates contain the fixes for minor bugs and enhancements to improve the performance of the device. So, open ‘Settings>About Phone>Software update’ and check for any available updates. If available then download and run the same on the device as it can fix the battery-draining issue.

Restrict background data

By restricting background data, users can improve the life of the device battery. When the internet is turned on, some data runs in the background which affects the battery life. So, we can disable that by restricting the background data. To do so, open ‘Applications>Settings>Wireless and networks>Data usage’ and open menu and then check the ‘Restrict Background data’ option.

Clear App Cache and Wipe Cache Partition

By clearing the cache stored in apps and device, one can reduce the battery-draining issue. So, to remove app cache, open each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ button. For wipe cache partition, press, and hold, volume up and power button (while the device is still on) for few seconds. Now, the display will turn off and the device will get vibrations. Next, release the buttons as the wipe cache partition is completed.

Perform factory reset

If you fail to increase the battery life of the device using above methods, then perform the factory reset. To do so, first of all, take a prior back up of data as it erases everything from the phone. Once the backup is taken, open ‘Settings>Backup & Reset>Factory data reset’ and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. By now, the battery-draining issue should get resolved. If the battery-draining issue not yet solved even now, then replace it with the new one.

Other Tips

Other than the above methods, by taking few other precautions, the user can improve the life of the battery. Always make sure to use the original battery chargers for charging the device as duplicate chargers will discharge the battery sooner. Also, avoid charging the device via PC or laptop as it involves in swapping and so charges the battery slower and discharges faster. Turn off the phone whenever not in use or whenever there is no network coverage as it can save the battery life.

In case if you have any other issues regarding the battery life of Sony Xperia Z smartphone then feel free to write us down as we try to resolve them for you.


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