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Huawei’s HongMeng OS reportedly to be faster than Android & macOS



The Chinese multinational technology equipment maker Huawei has been in the news lately for a couple of months now that’s due to the ban imposed by the US on the company. The ban was imposed by the Department of Commerce of the US, and President Trump further putting up the restrictions on US-based companies to share their hardware and software with Huawei. This resulted in companies like Qualcomm, Intel,  ARM and several other conglomerates along with Google to cut their ties with the Chinese tech giant. However, President Donald Trump had recently confirmed that the US would ease the restrictions on the ban imposed on Huawei, which could bring back things to normal.

However, Huawei had made its plans to make its own operating system for its phones prior to the ban and had started working swiftly in developing its HongMeng OS also know as Ark OS. This was the only viable move for Huawei post the ban as Google cut ties with the company revoking its Android license as well. A new report from CNet suggests us that this new HongMeng OS is said to be faster than the present Android Platform.

The report cites Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei’s interview with a French publication Le Point, suggesting the CEO’s plans to lessen the dependence on Google, i.e., on the Android Operating system. Further, it is believed that Huawei’s HongMeng OS is also likely 60% faster than the Android platform. The report also indicates the company’s new operating system is not just limited to Huawei phones but also works simultaneously across multiple products that include — phones, cars and data centers. But, the CEO has said to have pointed out creating an alternative to the current Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store is indeed tricky and Huawei’s working on it.

What this is means is that regardless of the ban lifted by the US on Huawei and Google coming back in the game with Android for the company’s devices — the Chinese tech giant will still continue to develop its own HongMeng OS making it faster, reliable and more versatile across multiple platforms when compared to the competition including Android and macOS/iOS. We have to wait and see what Huawei brings to the table with HongMeng OS, which is rumored to be revealed on the company’s Huawei Developer Conference 2019 (HDC 2019) scheduled in August (09-11th), this year. Late last month, Huawei has sent invites for App developers to make apps for HongMeng OS as well. Stay connected to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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