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Here is the Alleged First Look of Huawei’s ARK OS



Last month, Huawei was blacklisted by the US government which bans the US companies from doing business with the Chinese tech conglomerate. However, it is now under 90 days reprieve period which lasts till August 19th. Google has already revoked the Huawei’s Android license which makes it difficult for the Chinese company to release the OTA update in the future. It also can’t provide Google Apps which are very essential for the markets outside of China.

However, the company has is its own mobile operating system under development from the last few years. Huawei’s Android alternative is said to be called ARK OS. The company even filed trademark patents for both ‘ARK OS’ and ‘Huawei ARK OS’ in Germany in May. While there is no official confirmation, we expect it to be a forked version of Android like Amazon’s Fire OS. The forked version doesn’t come with Google services but supports Android Apps.

Huawei already has its own app store and is rumored to be in talks with developers for making their apps optimized for its own OS. Thanks to the screenshots submitted by Huawei to the patent office, we also got the first look of its in-house OS. In one of the screenshot, there is a mention of ‘Android Green Alliance’ which includes several Chinese tech companies including Huawei. It was formed in 2016 to improve the quality of Android experience on Chinese ROMs.

The above screenshots also show the UI of the App Store and Settings menu which looks similar to the EMUI. While we can confirm these are Android apps, there is no official confirmation that the screenshots belong to the upcoming ARK OS. Takes these details with a pinch of salt and wait for the confirmation from the company. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details!



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