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Huawei Removed from SD Association and Wi-Fi Alliance



Huawei is now offered 90-Day reprieve to settle its business with the US companies. Earlier this week, Microsoft removed the Huawei laptops from its online stores. Even Google removed the Huawei smartphones from the Android Enterprise website. Now, Huawei is now removed from SD association and can no longer use MicroSD cards and MicroSD card slots. According to the SD Association, the Chinese company is removed in compliance with the US Executive order.

While the current Huawei and Honor smartphones won’t get affected, the upcoming smartphones from these brands can’t have a MicroSD card slot. With the Huawei Mate 20 series, Huawei introduced its own memory card format called NM card (Nano Memory card). It is smaller than the MicroSD cards and looks exactly like a SIM card. As of now, the NM card only supports the recent flagship smartphones from Huawei.

With the removal from SD Association, the company might make the NM card as a standard feature across all its smartphones. The US-based Broadcom which supplies Wi-Fi chips to Huawei has to cut its business ties in compliance with the Trump’s Executive order. While Huawei can develop its own Wi-Fi chips and it can’t involve in setting future Wi-Fi standards. While there is no clear information, the company might source Wi-Fi chips from other suppliers.

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Huawei is also suspended from JEDEC which looks after the RAM and flash storage standards. All the major tech companies are part of these consortiums and Huawei might lose its edge over future technologies from these groups. While the future looks very bad for the second largest smartphone company, we hope the outcome from the ongoing trade talks between the US and China might it in the near future. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details!




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