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Huawei Mate 8 Tips, Tricks, FAQs & Useful Options



Huawei Mate 8

Mate 8 is the new sensation in the market that comes from Huawei with some top-notch specifications. This classy handset comes with thin bezels and comes with all metal design powered with Huawei’s Kirin 950 octa-core with four Cortex A472 cores and for Cortex A53 cores at 2.3 GHz and 1.8 GHz respectively. This 6-inch phablet was unveiled at CES sporting 1080 x 1920 pixels giving a pixel density of 368 ppi. The device will be coming in 32 GB as well as 64 GB variants and are priced around $650 and $760 respectively.

Followed are tips and tricks of the Huawei Mate 8 that will be helping and guiding you to know more about the device.

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How to insert the SIM card on your device?

Insertion of the SIM card is the very first thing that you do when your purchase a new device. Mate 8 is a dual SIM smartphone supporting dual standby. The SIM 2 is Hybrid as it is a combination of SIM card and a memory card. You use this port either to insert an SIM or else can use to extend the memory on your device by interesting an external micro SD Card. The back of the device is sealed hence the SIM card port is on the left edge of the device. Now to insert an SIM card, open the tray by inserting the using the SIM ejector pin and place the SIM card(s) on the tray. Now put the tray back in the respective port and boot your device. Now the handset is ready to be used with the SIM for making calls and using the data.

What is the type of SIM supported on this device?

Mate 8 is dual SIM smartphone and supports dual Standby. The SIM card supported by the device is Nano SIM card. As mentioned above the secondary SIM is a hybrid SIM that can either be used to extend the memory of the device or can be used for a secondary number. This is always an added advantage as the user can have access to two different numbers from the single handset.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the device?

To share your data from the handset, go to the settings of the device and tap on the option more. Now select the Tethering and portable hotspot, wherein you can set-up the Wi-Fi hotspot and the security levels on the device to start sharing your data. Make sure you have and activated internet package before proceeding with the above instructions.

How to take a Screenshot on my Mate 8 ?

To take a screenshot on Mate 8, hold the power/lock button along with the volume down button simultaneously until you hear a sound or feel the vibration and the screenshot are captured. This screenshot will be saved in the gallery, and the user can view it and send it as a message via any application.

How to check for the Android Updates on the device?

To check if any Android update is available for Mate 8, go to the settings and scroll down to find About phone. Now select this option and tap on System update, wherein you have the option to check for the update. If you have an update, then download it, and it can be installed whenever needed.

How to use the Power saving modes on the Mate 8?

The handset offers three different modes, namely, Ultra, smart and normal modes. In Ultra modes, you would be getting the maximum battery life as only basic functions like calling and texting would be available while the smart mode would try to balance the between performance and power usage by the CPU. The normal mode will give you access to most of the features but lists the background applications. You can also set a reminder for you to turn on the ultra power saving modes, once the battery is below 30%, 20% or 8%. This can be done by heading into the settings of the device and under the battery section you can find these options.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

The device comes with sensors like Fingerprint, Proximity, accelerometer, gyro, and compass. These will be useful daily for various reasons like counting your steps, location for maps and fingerprint sensor for security.

Are there LED notification lights on the device?

Yes, LED notification light is present on Mate 8 that will be blinking whenever there is a missed notification like a call or message. Once the notifications are read or seen this light stops blinking. You need to activate the LED notification lights from the settings of the device to use this feature.

How much the internal storage on the Mate 8?

As the device comes in 32 GB as well as 64 GB, the user has a more choices to choose from according to their need. The user can use the secondary SIM slot to place a microSD card and extend the memory up to a maximum of 128GB.

Does the device support OTG?

Huawei Mate 8 does support OTG (On The Go) drive. This helps the user to transfer data from phone to the drive or vice versa without having to connect it to a system every time. This saves the time of the users and also can carry the OGT drive efficiently.

Will the Mate 8 get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update?

The device runs on Android 6.0 Lollipop out of the box, and the device will be getting further Android Marshmallow updates also. Being a flagship device from the company we can expect it to feature with latest operating system and more over Huawei has pushed its own UI 4.0 on top to this device.

Does the device have a fingerprint sensor?

Yes, the device comes with an advanced fingerprint sensor. In the Huawei Mate 8, the fingerprint sensor is located at the back and apart from giving security to your device, it can be used to take selfies when the front camera is being used. To set these functions, go to the settings of the device and select the option Fingerprint ID and you can add up to 8 different fingerprints.

What are the on-screen gestures available on the device?

The users can double-tap to wake the Mate 8 or open apps of your choice, even when the screen is locked. The device supports tracing of four characters ( c, e, m and w) that can be assigned to open a selected application directly from the lock screen. The user just needs to draw the alphabet on the lock screen, and the device is ready with the application assigned to that letter.

What is speech recognition? How to activate it?

Speech recognition is a feature that we have seen in the company’s earlier device like Huawei Mate S and P8. With this feature, the user can send text messages and make voice calls over voice commands without having to touch the phone. Although it cannot launch any application, this is a useful feature added to the device.

Will the handset support NFC connectivity?

The device does not support NFC connectivity, but it does feature all other options, including 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The device also has an IR emitter at the top that uses hit and trial method to connect to an electronic device.

Will Mate 8 Feature Quick Charging?

Yes, the device supports Quick charging and can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. Quick charging is a feature that is not found on all the devices which will let the device to charge faster with the appropriate charger.

Can the device capture 4K videos?

Yes, the device is capable of taking 4K videos, and it also has many other camera features accompanied with it.

Will the device support 4G LTE?

Yes. The device will be supporting 4G LTE connectivity on both the SIM’s and it has become an important feature in the phone as everyone is looking to be updated and have the 4G connectivity in their device. Although most the network operators still do not provide 4G connectivity yet, everyone is eager to get a device that supports LTE so then they can use it when their network operator provides it.

What is the MP count of the camera and what are its features?

The device comes with a 16 MP camera on the rear with a f/2.0 aperture, and it also comes with a dual-LED (dual tone) flash on the rear and an LED flash on the front. This autofocus camera is capable of taking 4k videos at 30fps, and it is accompanied with an 8 MP camera on the front with f/2.4 aperture. Features like HDR, panorama, face detection, Geo-tagging and touch focus are also available. It also comes bundled with features to enhance the images you can take with super night mode, panorama, slow motion and a food mode. There is also the light mode that will take all the light and give you a creative image.

How much battery is available on the device?

The device comes with a non-removable 4000 mAh battery on the back which will be a noticeable thing in the device, and the company claims that it will last a day and a half with heavy usage and two and half days or more on normal use.

How much RAM is available on the device?

The device comes with a 3 GB RAM on the 32 GB variant and a 4 GB RAM on the 64 GB variant. This is going to be a powerful device and I would love to make it my primary device.

How can you customize the Wallpapers on the device?

Huawei will let its user to select the time interval, as well as choose to display the pictures from gallery as wallpaper. For this the user needs to the select the display option that, is available on the settings of the device.

How to install external apps with apk files on the device?

External apps with apk can be installed by enabling the Unknown sources option on the device. To install and external app on your device, open the Settings and tap on security in the device section. In the new window, head over to Device Administration section and tap on Unknown sources and click on the OK button in the pop-up to enable that on your device. Now you can install any number of app with an external apk on your device.

How to Backup and restore the device?

To backup and reset your device, go to the settings options from the phone and select the option Backup and reset from the System section. Now give an account where all the data has to be backed up and to select the option factory data to reset. Make sure the battery on the device is more than 50% before you start the resetting process.

How to use the Screen pinning feature on this device?

To enable screen pinning feature on your device, open the settings, scroll down to device and click on security. Now scroll down to the miscellaneous and click on screen pinning. Further, tap on the off button to enable it on you device. Now open the overview menu and click on the Pin button to pin the screen with that app. To unpin the screen you need to touch and hold the same overview button for few seconds. This ensures that no one can see anything on the device except for what you want show or give access for. All the devices Android to Lollipop come with this feature.

These are tips and tricks of Huawei Mate 8 and if you have any queries about the same do drop a comment in our PhoneRadar forum page.


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