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HTC U11 Smartphone Crowned As Antutu’s Best Performing Smartphone Of May 2017



The year 2017 has been great so far in terms of the smartphone launches. So far, we have seen some of the most powerful smartphones ever and in fact some of the most beautiful looking devices as well. However, if you are a benchmark nerd and you go only by benchmark results of the smartphones, then the HTC U11 would really impress you as it has now been crowned as the best performing smartphone of May 2017. Yes, according to Antutu’s top ten best-performing smartphones of May 2017, the HTC U11 takes the cake for getting the highest average score.

The HTC U11 smartphone has i fact surpassed iPhone 7 Plus as well and this is the first time that a smartphone has passed the Apple’s last year’s flagship. The HTC U11 gets an average score of 180,079, which is well above the average scores of the iPhone 7 Plus i.e. 174,299. Do make a note that this is an average score all the tests run on Antutu’s benchmarking app. And this particular list was compiled during the entire month of May.

Now, on paper, this is a really good score. This score is in fact, far better than what you would get out of other flagships like the Galaxy S8, etc. On the third spot, we have the Xiaomi Mi 6 scoring 172,400 points and then the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus takes the fourth and fifth spot. However, considering the fact that we have a lot of new devices after May like OnePlus 5, etc. this is likely to change very soon. Prior to this, the iPhone 7 was in the third position, however, now it has been pushed back the sixth position by the Mi 6 and the Galaxy flagships.

However, this only goes to say that the performance gap between the iOS and the Android devices is now reducing and in fact, the Android devices are doing far better. However, it is also worth noting that benchmark scores not always tells you how a smartphone performs. The UI has a lot to do with how a smartphone performs and feel on day-to-day usage. In fact, OnePlus was just recently caught cheating with the benchmark scores, which clearly shows that these scores are not reliable, every single time. Let us know your thoughts on this by commenting down below.

Source – Antutu


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