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Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Smartphone Explodes While Playing “My Talking Tom” Game



Samsung is currently working on relaunching the late Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as Note 7 FE, however, it looks like it has some other problem to take care of. According to the new which we have, Samsung’s Galaxy J7 (2016) smartphone has now exploded and this is certainly not a great news for a company which is trying to relaunch a smartphone known for explosions.

According to the source, a Pakistani mother, Naureen Ahsan, had lent a Galaxy J7 (2016) smartphone to her four-year-old nephew. Apparently, the kid was playing “My Talking Tom” game when the explosion happened. It has been reported that while playing the game, the phone got overheated and exploded. It looks like no one got injured due to the explosion, which is always a good thing. Looking at the pictures that Ahsan posted on Facebook, it looks like a terrible incident and the battery appears to be the culprit here. The pictures show an inflated battery and remains of the phone which are useless now.

Ahsan said on Facebook and we quote, “Today my daughter’s mobile Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) blasted due to may be over heating or lagging due to games..we are unable to share this picture with Samsung’s page. My 4-year nephew was playing ‘my talking tom’ game in it when it got over heated and had a blast. Allhumdulliah he is safe. And my daughter too…but this incident was terrifying for all of us.”

As of now, there is no official word from Samsung on this issue and we hope the company takes this issue under consideration and comes up with a proper explanation. Also, this is certainly not the first Samsung smartphone explosion that we are seeing. We had reported about a lot of Note 7 explosions in the past as well. However, we had recently reported about a Lenovo K4 Note explosion as well. It looks like the whole smartphone explosion issue is still a thing and we suggest all our readers to make sure that your device is safe. If you have been using an old smartphone, then it is safe to visit an official retailer and get it checked once to avoid any kind of mishap. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.

Source – Valuewalk


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