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HTC Desire 820 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



HTC Desire 820

HTC has tried to create an amazing smartphone in the mid-range priced device, and with Desire 820 they have succeeded in doing so. You ask why so? Because it packs a high-end hardware for a mid-range priced device. The device comes with a 5.5-inch display and is powered by 64-bit Snapdragon 615 processor. The other specs of the device are 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and Android 4.4.4 Kitkat OS. In the camera department, it sports a 13MP rear shooter and 8MP front snapper for selfies. The device comes with a decent 2600mAh battery.

For the HTC Desire 820 users, we wanted to share how you can improve your experience by using the tiniest of the tricks that your smartphone is capable of doing. Here are few FAQ, tips and tricks to get you started in improving the user experience on the device.

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What is HTC Blinkfeed feature on my HTC Desire 820?

HTC Desire 820 - Blinkfeed

HTC Desire 820 gives you options for quick and easy setup. Transferring your old phone’s content such as your contacts, messages, and media can be done right from the phone itself. Blinkfeed has been embedded in the launcher since Sense 5 made available. It makes your Home screen Dynamic, with Blinkfeed you can easily personalize the content with news feeds. You can also add your social profiles as well as receive daily tips about the device. It is amazing, isn’t it?

What are the Camera features on my HTC Desire 820?

While HTC is known for its build quality, they are also known for their camera functions. You can use the pre-defined camera modes, or either create your camera profiles. An interesting feature is the VideoPic; you can snap a picture while you’re shooting a video. That is a very handy feature, which I liked it. The sweep panorama mode allows you to capture the wide-angle view of the scenery. It has pretty decent rear camera, but more amazing is its front camera. The dedicated selfie mode allows you to use Live Makeup to smoothen your skin. As well as it has a photo booth mode to take 4 selfies, this is pretty awesome feature.

How to see the lyrics of the songs playing in Music App on my HTC Desire 820?

With HTC Boomsound dual speakers, you shouldn’t miss all exciting things you can do on your Desire 820. While you would like to hear songs as well as watch movies on the phone. There is a feature in music app, which lets you see the lyrics in sync with song playing. You can easily enable this feature. Just go to the music app and browse to the song you want to play and tap on it. Swipe to the visualizer tab to view the lyrics. Song lyrics will appear if the content is downloaded fully.

What is Google Drive and why should I use it on my HTC Desire 820?

Even though, there is 16GB internal storage and support of microSD card up to 128GB, you won’t necessarily need the extra space on Desire 820. But the company does provide a free 100GB Google Drive storage for two years. And I say you should utilize it as much as possible. Now to redeem that free 100GB storage, you have to go to the Google Drive app on your Desire 820. If you are opening it first time, a prompt will open that will allow you to redeem the offer. Try it, you don’t know when it might come handy when you have internet access but the phone is not with you.

How to prevent my data pack from being exhausted on my HTC Desire 820?

To help conserve power and data usage, you can set a time period when the data connection should be turned off automatically. It would do so in only low peak times, meaning, when the screen is off for 15 minutes, and there’s no network activity. That is; no downloads, streaming or data usage of any kind. To enable this feature you need to go to Power section in settings, there tap on Sleep mode. Now manually change the settings, clear the option Learn Sleep time automatically. Under sleep time, choose the start and end time when data connection is disabled. Now tap the sleep mode switch to turn ON the feature.

What are the Lock screen notifications on my HTC Desire 820?

You can always customize so many things on Android OS, but HTC has gone further, as the Sense UI allows you to customize the lock screen too. To do so, you have to go to the Security section in the settings. Under the Lock screen, tap on Notification settings. Now choose whether to show or hide notifications such as missed calls and text messages.

What is Kid Mode on my HTC Desire 820?

HTC Desire 820 - Kid Mode

There is also an interesting feature called Kid mode. Just as the name suggest, the feature allows you to lock settings and allow only few functions to run, which you feel suitable for your kid when using your phone. You don’t want your kid to accidentally purchase tons of apps or games from playstore, which is a real thing. The first step is to register with integrate service named Zoodles. It provides tons of feature dedicated for the usage by kids. And after your child finished up playing on your phone, you can simple Draw Z or verify the age to exit the kid mode.

How to insert the SIM card on my HTC Desire 820?

It is quite easy to insert the SIM card in the Desire 820. First make sure that your phone is switched off, now on the left edge of the device you will see a flap, you need to open it. After that, you will see there are three slots, the first two from the top are the SIM card slots. Meaning the device is a dual SIM phone; you can insert two SIMs and run them both.

How to take a screenshot on my HTC Desire 820?

It is exactly the same in most of the Android smartphones. To take a screen shot on HTC Desire 820, you have to press power button and volume down key at the same time. So, go to the home screen that you want to take a screen shot and follow the above instruction to take a screenshot.

How to share the Data network via tethering on the HTC Desire 820?

HTC Desire 820 - Tethering

Mobile data pack sharing is quite an easy task to do, in most of the Android-powered smartphone it is the same procedure. First you need to ensure that the mobile data connection is turned ON. Now go to the settings area, there tap on the more options, it will open a list of options available under Wireless & networks. Under the Mobile network sharing in that list, you will find an option to enable the portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which is exactly the same thing you have been looking for to share the internet connection via Tethering. Now tap on that option and configure the name and password. You can also manage the users who are connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot and remove and allow them according to your needs.

How to customize the Quick settings in the notification panel?

Quick setting part on the smartphone is the unsung hero of the accessibility. They provide you with the shortcuts to quickly use any selected functions, such as adjust brightness level, turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as well as mobile data or power saver mode. On HTC Desire 820, you can easily customize these Quick settings right from the notification panel. Just go to the Quick settings, and you will see a button near the time ticker. Tapping on it will open a list of functions; you need to arrange the list up to 12. As the quick settings only show 12 quick settings. So, select from the list that you need most.

Will the HTC Desire 820 get the Android Lollipop 5.0 update?

HTC has quoted that the phone is capable of taking the full advantage of the new 64-bit architecture on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Though, it is not clear yet when the device will be getting an update. The company didn’t promise about the timeline as it did with its flagship on M8 and M7. But looking at the hardware specs and popularity of the device, we are hoping that the announcement may come soon about the Lollipop update being released for the Desire 820.


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