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Google’s Upcoming Nexus Smartphones to be named Pixel & Pixel XL, to launch on October 4th



Google has finally made a decision of renaming the Nexus smartphones. We have potential new names now, and it is reported that the new smartphones will be called the Pixel & the Pixel XL. Earlier, we reported that there are rumours of Google planning to drop the Nexus naming and now with all these speculations, it is kind of confirmed that we won’t be seeing Nexus devices anymore. It is also reported that Google is planning to market the Pixel & the Pixel XL, as the first smartphones built by Google. Surprised much?

This raises a lot of eyebrows as we all know that HTC is building these upcoming smartphones for the company. Maybe Google will drop the HTC branding also from the device. But it still is a very interesting topic to discuss, but we just don’t have much info yet. Also, this doesn’t mean that the Nexus is completely dead. As of now, Google doesn’t have any replacement plans for the Nexus Player. So it is speculated that the company might rebrand the smartphones and tablets, but will retain the Nexus brand for its other products.

With that being said, expect these smartphones to release soon. It is reported that these smartphones are going to launch on October 4th as the company is planning to hold an event on that date. Google will focus on hardware launches on this date and it is also set to launch the new Chromecast 4K version and a new Daydream hardware which is reportedly called Daydream View. Let’s see what we are going to have here. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more detailed info on these.

Earlier: According to new reports, this year’s smartphone(s) from Google will not carry the Nexus branding anymore. Instead, it is expected that they will carry company branding. And no more OEM branding as well. So these upcoming HTC made devices won’t have HTC branding as well. This is definitely not the firs time that we are seeing this sort of news. Also, none of this info is from a verified source. So this may or may not be true after all. As mentioned earlier, these devices will carry Google branding, and it is also reported that a new name might be given to the device.

There are other reports claiming that this new range of devices will also have some of the software tweaks as well. So, does it mean that we won’t be seeing Stock Android anymore? Well, there is no confirmation on any of this. But as of now, it looks like that’s the case. Supporting these reports, we have been seeing a lot of rumours about the new Nexus launcher as well. Is it safe to even call it Nexus launcher anymore? Maybe not. But if you take a look at that launcher, you might notice some out of box experience from the usual stock Android look and feel. It is nowhere near to the stock Android look from the latest 7.0 Nougat update.

Also, rumour has it that, Google is trying to make their devices stand out from the rest this time around. So in case, any of this info is to be believed, then we will see two new devices from Google without the Nexus name. They will also ditch the HTC branding. so this is going to be something different from and rather very unexpected. We have seen over six generations of Nexus devices now. The first one to debut in this line-up was all the back in December 2009. It was called the Nexus One and was the first device to come with stock Android.

Since then, there was no turning back and we have seen so many revisions of the same. Google as a brand has evolved majorly, both on hardware as well as software side. All the true Nexus Loyalists are hoping that the company won’t ditch the line-up. Anyway, that is something to be one the look out for and see what comes our way from the company.


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