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With Google’s Restrictions, Huawei to Use Tizen OS for their Upcoming SmartWatches



Till date, Huawei Watch is the company’s first and the only smartwatch. Though it was announced at the MWC 2015, the company launched it at the IFA 2015 in Berlin. At the recently held IFA 2016, Huawei announced new Nova smartphones and MediaPad M3 tablet, but there are also few rumors about the Huawei Watch2. Later, a report suggested that Huawei along with LG and Motorola are skipping the new smartwatch launches until next year.

At that time there is no information about the decision, but today, the South Korean media reported Huawei will be launching their next SmartWatch running on Tizen OS. If this comes out true, Huawei will be the first major manufacturer to use Tizen OS. The increasing restrictions from Google over the Android Wear OS is said to be the main reason. The popular Samsung Gear S2 and the recently launched Gear S3 smartwatches also run on Tizen OS.

Samsung even sells smartphones running on Tizen OS, though they are only limited to few Asian and African countries. Even the Samsung SmartTV’s and Refrigerators also run on Tizen OS and soon we will also IoT products in the mainstream market. Huawei requires few additional services to develop their new smartwatches which are restricted by Google. On the other hand, Samsung is willing to co-operate with Huawei over developing those features.

We can even expect more manufacturers to look for alternatives if Google is imposing more restrictions. This will give a major boost to Samsung as the market share of Tizen devices is very low. We can also see more app developers concentrating on the Tizen OS. We will update the story once there is more information available about this outcome.


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