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Google’s “Which Phone” tool helps choose a smartphone based on usage



Android Phone Selector

Google has now begun something that we reviewers have been doing always – suggests phones based on the user’s need, but based on specs. And these aren’t something based on how a person used the device, but will be something that would ask the buyer a few questions and help them make a choice based on the need.

How would you get a final suggestion? Simple, you need to choose one from the suggested devices based on “My new Android phone is for” categories. If you are using the camera a lot, you’ll be asked a few questions like “How often do you take photos?“, “What’s important for your phone’s camera?“, and then will ask you what else you would do frequently on a smartphone. This goes on, until you get some clear choice.

Meanwhile, you’ll be seeing some random robots popping in from the side, with messages like “Android phones are perfect for your favorite apps like Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.” That is not unexpected, but people who decide to get an Android phone and reach this place, might already expect these apps to be present, right?

Three categories you’ve chosen and given your usage time, there’ll be a “Show me phones” button that will take you to a page that needs you to choose the carrier. If you are not from the U.S. (the carriers are for U.S. only), hit the “Choose later” button, and three phones are shown. For your good, there are filters for phone sizes, pricing, and carriers.

Android Phone Selections

My own selection of camera, social media, and gaming showed LG G4, Motorola Droid Turbo and Nexus 6 as the choices. Not sure how well will I trust this, because Nexus 6 wasn’t good at all with the camera, and there are better alternatives. Though, I wouldn’t have expect other devices like Samsung Galaxy S6, because of the battery capacity difference. That’s where the original reviews and suggestions based on specs differ. Nexus 6 has a good capacity but not a great backup.

Still, for someone to make a choice based on specs and usage, this selector tool will come quite handy. The reviews can help make a final selection, based on actual usage by reviewers.

A “See Story” button will show what all use cases you selected, and there is a Share button as well, if you wanted to share these results through Facebook, Twitter, Mail, and Google Plus. Saving to your email is also possible.

Want to try it out? Check the Which Phone tool.


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