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Guide to the All New Google Trips App that organizes your Trips Automatically



Google has announced a new mobile application called as Google Trips. This application basically serves as a planner for your trips, and it will pretty much act as a travel guide for anyone and everyone trying to explore a new place. This is free to use app available for both iOS and the Android platform. It has a lot of interesting features, which will make you want to install it and start using it right away. It has an easy to use interface with separate tabs for different categories. Firstly, it will organize your airline tickets and hotel reservations straight into the application, all of which is gathered from the Gmail account synced to the device it is being used on.

The application also collects guides and will have it ready to go on request. And since it is powered by Google, it will also make personalized recommendations based on your Google history. And most importantly, the app works offline. Users can download everything that they need for the trip on to their phone before they leave. This includes maps for the location with directions. So you don’t have to worry about expensive international data rates if you are stuck in an uncharted territory. The app will require you to log-in with your Google account as mentioned earlier. Once done, it will automatically collect the data and will show you a list of trips which will include any upcoming trips and previously completed trips.

Let us take a close look at the app and explore some of its features:

Your Trips

your-tripsThis section of the app is basically the main hub and it will be displayed once you open the app itself. The app will automatically collect the data from your Google account and display all your trips here in the form of a list with thumbnails showing some main attraction of the location. The current location will be displayed on top along with a search box to start planning something new. It will also show an option of quickly downloading the data of that particular trip. Once you tap the toggle, it will start downloading and everything related to the trip will be saved locally for you to check it whenever you want even without an active data connection.

Upcoming Trips

In this section, all the upcoming trips will be shown. You can either create your own new trip here manually or leave it to the app to take care of it. The app will automatically detect any plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc. and a new trip will be created with relevant information. As you can see from the screenshot that the upcoming two trips for cupcoming-tripsoming months are automatically added to this section. Travel tickets and hotel reservation details were detected from the Google account and this was generated automatically. Pretty neat stuff right?

Past Trips

As the name suggests, this section will display all the past trips. All the data which is available in the Google account will be put to use here and it will be showcased here. This is a nice touch that it shows previous trips as well. Users can now have it like a trip log where all the trips will be automatically stored. You can go back and take a look at the saved places from your visited locations. This is a nice feature that Google has added here to keep track of everything that you have done so far as far as yearly trips are concerned.


Trip Details

Once you tap on a Trip, a new section will open up which will show everything about the trip. Starting from Reservations to Things you need to know about the place before going, everything is laid out in a nice layout. You can further tap into each specific options to explore more about the trips in detail. Each section will further open up and new page showing specific details as well.  This section is further elaborated below.

Reservations & Tickets

Tap this to expand further the option to show the detailed reservation. Be it air tickets or a hotel reservation, everything will be shown here. Detailed info like connecting flight’s (if any) time of boarding, flight details, confirmation number, etc. everything is given in a nice format. Same is the case with hotel reservations as well. A direct redirect link to open the particulars in the mail will also be given, from where the details are being pulled.

Things to do 

This section pretty much tells everything about the location you are planning to visit. A detailed guide on ‘Things to do’ will be readily available. It has a number of sub-sections, 13 to be precise, which will show you detailed info on what you can do and which will be suitable as well. These sections include options like Local Favorites, Kid friendly, etc.

dubai-trip-details reservations things-to-do getting-around

Food & Drink

This section will give details on Food and Drinks specialties in the location you are visiting. The page is greeted by a nice overview of the location specialties. Onc can further expand the tabs to read details on the categories like Local Specialties, Dining Out, Nightlife, etc. There another Tab here, which will show some of the handpicked location to eat. These picked according to the rating and other reviews from users. Once you open a particular category like ‘On a budget,’ you can browse through the list and go through the hotels. Further tapping them will open up all the details like pictures, timing, directions, etc. This is definitely a nice feature to have onboard.

Getting Around

This is probably one of the most important options which are required when you are traveling. This section will give you a detailed info on how to get around the place you are visiting. Different modes of transport like Taxi, Driving, Bike, etc. is listed. Right from on arrival to all kinds of public transport info is given here. It will also suggest with info like, ‘Driving is not suggested here due to heavy traffic,’ etc. It will also give driving rules according to to the location as well. This comes in handy while traveling.

Need to know

Whenever you are planning to travel somewhere, the first thing to look out for is how is the place and what all you need to be aware fo the place. There are different sub-sections like Health & Emergencies, Shopping, Money, Internet, etc. Even the small details like recommended pharmacist, currency exchange rates, etc. are given. What else can you possibly ask for here?

Create Trip

Creating a new trip is as simple as adding a new destination and giving from and to duration dates. Once you search for the location, it will automatically generate a trip and will show details like ‘Things to do’, etc. You can further add and create your own trip as well and list out the thins which you want to do specifically. Either way, things are way easier than it would be without this app.

What’s Missing

Google Trips as an application is extremely useful, no doubts on that. But there are certain features which would make things a lot better. We have listed some of the features which we thought would make much more sense if added to the application. It would be great if they manage to integrate other apps like Uber, etc.

  • There should be an option to upload PDF files of boarding passes & eTickets from cabs when the app couldn’t find reservations.
  • Option to schedule UBER in advance or alert when the its time for transit to airport and alerts asks to book a Cab.
  • There should be an option to set Home City & then decide whats an actual trip because few cases it shows “Trips to Hyderabad” though those are not actual trips. These are wrongly flagged by the app as it was just a return journey for which the ticket was booked separately.

You can download the Applicaton from the link below –

[wpdm_package id=’46285′]

Final Verdict

Google Trips is a simple application, which does what it promises to do. It makes our lives more easier by doing all the planning or at least giving us all the options in one place, instead of going hunting for details online. Makes a lot of sense if you are a frequent traveler. Also, the addition of all the info regarding the location like Local transit info, Foods, etc sets a firm base for first-time travelers as well. And as mentioned above, with some new integrations, this will be the go to application for anyone and everyone who will be willing to travel in Future. Let us know your thoughts on this.


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