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Google search bar widget could be getting a new rounder look



Almost all of you using an Android smartphone at least would be familiar with the Google search bar widget on the screen. Most of the smartphones come with this by default whereas in other cases you can always enable it from the widgets menu. Although it is nice to have it there as it comes in handy for performing a quick search, many of use might be bored of the same look that it has been sporting since day one of its existence. Much overdue for a facelift right?

Well, apparently Google also feels the same, and that’s exactly why we might soon be seeing a new design for it. Few reports are coming in stating that the rectangular old search bar widget is now being replaced with the one with rounded edges. In theory, it is s very subtle change since the only thing which is changed is the overall shape. Instead of being rectangular, it is now rounded. If you take a look at the design, the ‘G’ logo is still there to the left and the microphone icon sits to the right.

According to the source, this new design of the search bar widget has been spotted by some of the users as a subtle change from the original one. Do make a note that, it is not a part of the Google Now Launcher. This is only the widget which comes with the Google search app that can be placed on the home screen. This new 4×1 design looks quite similar to the ‘pill’ design of the widget found on the Pixel phones and its launcher as well.

However, one thing to note here is that it is still being tested by Google since, not everyone sees this change. Maybe depending on the initial response, the company might make this is an official final design of the widget and probably roll out to everyone as an update to the app by itself. Until then, if you happen to see it on your smartphone, do take a screen shot and tweet out to us. With that being said, if you are using one of the new Pixel smartphones, then you will not be seeing this change since the widget on them looks great by themselves.

Talking about the Pixel smartphones, if you are planning to pick one up or maybe if you are thinking about it, then you should know that they are the best of what Google has to offer in terms of both hardware as well as software. The Android version 7.1 Nougat running on the Pixel devices are different from the ones which other Nexus users or anyone is using or will be receiving in the future. The Pixel devices come with some of the unique features like a fingerprint scanner gesture and what not. Although Google is considering the change for other devices, we might not see them for a long time. Hence make a wise decision here. Also, let us know what do you think about this new widget design as well.


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