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Google Releases 5th Android Things Developer Preview Based On Android O



Google has just released a developer preview of Android Things and this is based on the latest version of Android i.e. Android O. Well, for those you who don’t know what Android Things is, it is the company’s new intern of things initiative which is based on Android. Google ditched project Brilio which was announced back in 2015 in favor for this.

It is indeed quite surprising to see a new developer preview of Android Things now since it was just last month that the company announced that Developer Preview 4 will be the last one. Well, it looks like they changed their mind and if you are a developer, then this is the right time to hop into this and ready your apps for the same before the final version comes out.

Well, if you are wondering why Google has released this new Developer Preview, it is because this one is based on the new version of Android i.e. Android 8.0, which is still being developed for various smartphones and tablets, at the time of writing this. As mentioned earlier, this developer preview is aimed at developers, so that they can use this for development and compatibility testing on the supported hardware.

According to Google, this developer preview is not perfect and it looks like the developers are ought to face some issues with the compatible hardware platforms. Hence, the company is urging the developers to report all the known bugs as feedback, to make it better by ironing out the bugs. At the same time, it is also worth noting that Google has not included all the APIs in this preview.

Yes, not all the APIs are included in this and you can find the list of disabled APIs in the known issues section. That way, you can be sure to know if your app will work or not. With that said, it is safe to say that it could be a while until the next developer preview comes out. And as far as the next version of Android is concerned, it has been reported that Google will announce the same on August 21st and if not, we will at least know it will be called. Hence, be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.

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