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Official Android O Rollout For Pixel Smartphone Is Reportedly Delayed, No New ETA



Google announced the new version of Android i.e. Android O, back at Google I/O this year. It was reported that the current generation Pixel smartphones will be amongst the first ones to get the official update. However, now it looks like the official rollout is delayed. While this is not officially confirmed by Google, it is quite shocking nonetheless.

This unconfirmed new rumor claims that the Pixel smartphones won’t be getting the new Android O update in the mid-august. In fact, it was expected that the update will hit the devices in coming weeks, but not this has been delayed and most importantly, there is no new ETA for the same as well. Yes, as of now, there is no ETA for the update and it could be a while till sees the update fit to be rolled out.

List of Smartphones Expected to Get Android O Update

According to the reports, it looks like this decision has been taken to iron out a few bugs and issues. So unless and until Google feels like that the update is ready for the final rollout, unfortunately, users won’t be getting their hands on the new software. But with that said, we also suggest you not to come down to any conclusions. While the update is delayed, there is no info regarding this from Google. Hence it is highly possible that the bugs are minor and Google will manage to iron those out very quickly.

So if you have the Google Pixel smartphones, then we suggest you stay on a lookout for the same as they could make it official anytime. There are a few reports out there which also states that Google will make it official at the keynote where they will launch the new Pixel devices for this year. But since that particular event is not yet scheduled to happen, it is highly unlikely that Google will make the users wait for it.

Having said that, we hope the update is well worth the wait and it makes the overall user experience much more smooth and stable. Meanwhile, we wait for the update to become official, we would like to know your thoughts on the name for the next version of Android. So be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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