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Google Pixel 4 Confirmed to Come with Face Unlock and Motion Sense features



Google is all set to take on the leaks, earlier amidst the leaks surfacing online about its next flagship phone — the search engine giant has announced its new Pixel 4 with a couple of months ahead of the launch, which usually will be held in October, every year. Regardless, Google seems to be moving forward of the leaks and has confirmed two new significant features that are said to be coming with the new flagship Pixel 4 line-up.

The newly announced features include — Motion Sensor and Face Unlock. While the latter is said to be similar to FaceID tech, which is found on the iPhone X and above, the former is confirmed to be developed by Project Soli, wherein the first Motion Sense features were initially expected to be featured on Google smartwatches and speakers; nonetheless it will be venturing into its upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Starting with Face Unlock, the upcoming Pixel 4 is confirmed to be coming with a dedicated Face Unlock IR camera sensor right beside the conventional front-facing camera. Meaning, Google will be ditching the second selfie camera sensor (wide-angle), which was featured on last year’s Pixel 3 devices. Additionally, there’s another Face unlock camera paired with Face unlock Flood Illuminator, Face unlock dot projector and the dedicated Soli radar chip as well. The similar Face Unlock setup can also be seen in other contemporaries like Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Apple’s iPhone X and above as stated earlier.

However, Google suggests that unlike the competition,where users need to pick up and hold the phone at an angle to unlock the device, the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock uses the aforementioned sensors along with Soli radar, which is said to be proactively turning on the sensor and algorithms to recognise the user and unlock the device instantly after picking up the phone. The company boasts that this is the new advancement that they are bringing with the new Pixel device. Moreover, the Face unlock is said to be working in all the orientations that the device can be held, including upside down as well.

Further, the Pixel 4 device’s Face Unlock can also be used for secured payments alongside the app authentication, and most importantly, the face recognition is assured to be stored and processed on the device itself, and nothing would be stored or utilized in any other Google services. More precisely, all the computation work done with Face recognition and Motion sense would be stored on upcoming Pixel devices’ Titan M security chip.

Speaking of the Motion Sense, Google has indicated that their Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) has been working on Project Soli — a motion-sensing Radar, for the past five years now. Soli is said to be a combination of small motion movements paired with unique software algorithms, which helps in detecting the gestures pointed at it. The Pixel 4 will be packing this new motion-sensing Radar developed by Google that will allow the device to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls with users’ hand gestures. These gestures are said to be getting better over time, according to Google.

Google will be launching the new Pixel 4 devices including the regular variant and the larger Google Pixel 4 XL variant alongside the much anticipated Android Q most likely this October. With these new features, the upcoming Pixel phones will be significant upgrades from the predecessors. It will be interesting to see how the new Face Unlock feature copes up against FaceID tech of Apple.

And, the new featured motion sensor appears to be more significant than what we have seen on the recently released LG G8 ThinQ, which had kind of similar motion gestures for volume adjustments, skipping tracks and it also featured Palm scanner for authentication as well. Stay connected to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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